Nikki Haley asserts RNC Is ‘clearly not’ neutral following calls for GOP unity around Trump

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By Victoria Mangelli

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley openly criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) during her appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” questioning its fairness in the 2024 Republican primary race. 

Haley, a major contender against former President Donald Trump, expressed her concerns about the RNC’s handling of the nomination process.

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Nikki Haley challenges RNC’s integrity in GOP nomination process

When asked by moderator Kristen Welker if she believed the RNC was an honest broker, Haley responded, “I mean, clearly not.” 

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She further elaborated on her stance, emphasizing the importance of democracy and the American people’s right to choose their nominee. “This is a democracy. The American people want to have their say in who is going to be their nominee. We need to give them that,” Haley stated. 

She highlighted the fact that the majority of the 1,215 delegates required for nomination have yet to be allocated.

Haley’s strategy and outlook on home state primary

Regarding the upcoming South Carolina primary, Haley did not assert the necessity of winning her home state but stressed the importance of performing better than in New Hampshire. 

“Does that have to be a win? I don’t think that necessarily has to be a win,” Haley remarked, underscoring her aim to build momentum and perform strongly in the state.

Staying in race and RNC’s stance on Trump

Haley also mentioned her plans to continue her campaign until Super Tuesday, though she refrained from committing to stay through the Republican National Convention in July. 

“I have every intention of going to Super Tuesday — through Super Tuesday,” she said, focusing on taking the campaign one state at a time. 

Before Trump’s win in New Hampshire, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel hinted at the party’s inclination to unite behind Trump if he maintained his lead. 

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RNC leans towards Trump; Haley’s campaign unfazed by party’s stance

McDaniel’s statement to NBC News indicated the RNC’s readiness to back Trump to secure a win against Biden.

The RNC has not yet responded to Haley’s remarks. Meanwhile, Haley’s campaign appears undeterred by the RNC’s actions, with her spokesperson dismissing a proposed resolution to name Trump the “presumptive nominee” before it was retracted. 

“Who cares what the RNC says?” the spokesperson commented.

Haley’s critique of RNC exposes internal GOP tensions 

As the Republican primary race heats up, Nikki Haley’s criticisms of the RNC highlight the complexities and tensions within the GOP. 

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Her campaign’s strategy and determination to continue despite the RNC’s perceived partiality towards Trump reflect the challenging dynamics of the party’s selection process for the 2024 presidential candidate.

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