SNL takes jab at Trump over Carroll verdict, mocks DeSantis endorsement in ‘Weekend Update’

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By Victoria Mangelli

A recent episode of “Saturday Night Live” didn’t hold back in its comedic critique, focusing its sharp wit on former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

The show’s popular “Weekend Update” segment, co-hosted by Colin Jost, delivered a scathing commentary on Trump’s legal woes and DeSantis’s political maneuvers.

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Colin Jost’s take on Trump’s legal battles

In the spotlight was Trump’s recent legal setback involving writer E. Jean Carroll. 

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Jost didn’t mince words, stating, “The jury in his defamation case has ordered Donald Trump to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million. And Trump is a billionaire — so obviously, he immediately hit up your grandma for five bucks.” The hefty $83.3 million penalty was a focal point of Jost’s jest. 

Jost compares Trump’s $83 million fine to O.J. Simpson’s

He added, “They ordered Trump to pay $83 million. That’s how unlikable he is. For perspective, OJ Simpson only had to pay $33 million for a double murder.”

Jost further delved into the trial’s details, highlighting the moments that stood out. “This trial must have driven Trump crazy,” Jost remarked. 

He underscored the judge’s reprimands and the unexpected jury decision to award more than the $24 million Carroll’s lawyers had sought. 

Jost mocks Trump’s courtroom sketch and teases future legal woes on SNL

Jost humorously noted the courtroom sketch artist’s unflattering portrayal of Trump, likening his depiction to “that lady who got her face ripped off by a monkey.”

Jost didn’t stop there. He hinted at more legal challenges awaiting Trump, saying, “The only way this could have gotten worse for Trump is if they took away his businesses, which is, of course, what happens in next week’s trial.”

DeSantis’s endorsement comes under spotlight

Turning the comedic lens toward Ron DeSantis, co-host Michael Che weighed in on the Florida Governor’s recent endorsement of Trump. 

Che said, “Ron DeSantis endorsed Donald Trump. He called DeSantis a really terrific person and promised to stop calling him Ron DeSanctimonious.”

SNL highlights Che’s jab at DeSantis over Trump’s endorsement 

Che concluded his segment with a pointed jab, playing a clip of DeSantis speaking at a campaign event. 

In the clip, DeSantis stated, “You can be the most worthless Republican in America. But if you kiss the ring, he’ll say, ‘You’re wonderful.’”

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SNL episode fuels speculation on Trump’s legal challenges 

As the “SNL” episode wrapped up its biting commentary, it left viewers anticipating further developments in Trump’s ongoing legal saga and the political dynamics between Trump and DeSantis. 

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With a decision in Trump’s separate civil fraud case expected by January 31, the show’s insights offer humor and a poignant reflection on current political events.

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