Judge Judy endorses Nikki Haley for president, says, ‘She is whip-smart…she is the future’

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Judge Judith Sheindlin, renowned as Judge Judy, has recently made headlines by endorsing Nikki Haley for the presidential race in 2024. 

This endorsement brings together two prominent women in American public life. “I’m proud to endorse Nikki Haley because she is whip-smart, has executive credentials, and was a superb governor,” Judge Sheindlin stated. 

Judge Judy Sheindlin: Lifetime Achievement Honoree at Daytime Emmys
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Judge Judy endorses Haley, praises her leadership and vision

Her endorsement emphasizes Haley’s intelligence, leadership skills, and tenure as a successful governor and United Nations Ambassador. 

Sheindlin believes Haley embodies the qualities needed to restore America and sees her as the nation’s future.

In response, Nikki Haley expressed her honor in receiving support from Judge Judy, whom she described as a “no-nonsense lady.” 

Haley lauded the judge for her reputation of thoughtfulness, fairness, and honesty, qualities she has demonstrated in her courtroom.

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Haley gains momentum in presidential primaries

Haley, a former two-term governor of South Carolina and a United Nations Ambassador under former President Trump has seen a surge in her popularity following her performances in the Republican presidential primary debates. 

Her recent rise in the polls in Iowa, catching up with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and in national surveys, marks her as a significant contender in the race. 

She also stands second to Trump in the New Hampshire polls, a state pivotal for its early primary.

Building momentum in the presidential race

During a recent Fox News interview, Haley expressed optimism about her campaign’s growing momentum. She pointed to the excitement and support she feels on the ground as indicators of her increasing appeal to voters.

Judge Sheindlin’s career has been a blend of television success and judicial acumen. Known for her sharp wit on “Judge Judy,” she captivated millions over 25 years. 

She continues to engage audiences on Amazon Freevee’s “Judy Justice,” which has become the platform’s top original show. 

Her journey from a graduate of New York Law School to becoming a supervising judge in Manhattan highlights her extensive legal experience.

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Haley’s town hall appearance and political stances

At a Fox News town hall, Haley showcased her foreign policy expertise, criticizing President Biden’s policies for making America vulnerable. 

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She accused Trump and DeSantis of misrepresenting her views on issues like illegal immigration and Hillary Clinton, suggesting such tactics were a response to her rising poll numbers.

A notable moment came when Haley discussed the Supreme Court’s role regarding Trump’s candidacy. 

She firmly stated that Trump should remain on the ballot, emphasizing her desire to defeat him “fair and square.” 

Haley calls for speedy Supreme Court ruling, eyes fair 2024 race

“No, he shouldn’t be taken off the ballot, and the Supreme Court needs to rule quickly before other states start to do this,” Haley asserted. 

She expressed her confidence in winning without external interventions, highlighting her commitment to a fair electoral process.

As the Iowa caucuses approach on January 15, the political landscape continues to evolve, with Haley and other candidates vying for the Republican nomination. 

This race, marked by endorsements and strategic moves, promises to be a significant chapter in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.

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