‘If Trump gets reelected, he will destroy our democracy’ – Barbra Streisand

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Left-wing pop icon Barbra Streisand has reignited her critical stance on former President Donald Trump, voicing fears about the potential implications of his re-election.

Streisand, a vocal Democrat and Hollywood legend, took to social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, to express her concerns.

Streisand dubs Trump ‘liar,’ warns of 2024 election threat

She labeled Trump a “liar” and warned of the threat he poses to democracy should he win the 2024 presidential election.

If he gets re-elected, he will destroy our democracy.” she declared

Her recent comments reflect a long-standing opposition to Trump’s political career.

Streisand’s autobiography details criticism of Trump

Streisand’s criticism of Trump is not new. In her recent autobiography, “My Name is Barbra,” the 81-year-old artist delves into various aspects of her life and career, dedicating a significant portion to her views on Trump.

The book, which spans nearly 1,000 pages and over 48 hours in audio form, includes Streisand’s candid thoughts on the former president.

Streisand critiques Trump in memoir, praises Biden’s leadership

She describes Trump as someone who “lies as easily as he breathes” and reflects on her disbelief following his 2016 election victory.

Since President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Streisand has openly praised his administration, contrasting her views on Trump.

Trump’s qualifications leadership style questioned in Streisand’s new book

In her book, Streisand criticizes Trump’s qualifications and leadership style.

She questions the logic of electing a leader with what she perceives as a lack of experience and a disregard for truth.

Streisand stresses competent leadership in narrative

Her strong words are part of a broader narrative in which she discusses the importance of competent leadership.

This criticism aligns with previous statements she made in a 2018 interview with the New York Times.

Streisand links weight gain to Trump’s presidency in 2018 NYT interview

During the interview, she humorously mentioned that Trump’s presidency contributed to her weight gain.

She indicated her indifference towards any backlash from Trump supporters regarding her album, which contains anti-Trump sentiments.

Streisand denounces Trump as ‘unfit’ in memoir, praises the Clintons

Streisand’s recent public denouncement of Trump comes shortly after she expressed similar views in her memoir.

She described him as “completely unfit” to be commander-in-chief, juxtaposing her opinion of Trump with her praise for Bill and Hillary Clinton, whom she called “the most appealing couple.

Streisand’s memoir highlights support for Democrats, Clintons

This comparison underscores her long-standing support for the Democratic Party and her specific admiration for the Clintons.

Streisand’s outspokenness on political matters is well-documented, and her latest remarks are consistent with her previous public statements.

Streisand’s stance impacts political discourse on Trump’s potential candidacy

As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a dedicated Democrat, her voice adds to the ongoing political discourse surrounding the potential candidacy of Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

Her statements reflect her deep concern for the direction of American democracy and a desire to see leadership that aligns with her values and expectations for the country.

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