Trump to Take the Witness Stand for the Third Time in New York Fraud Trial

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Former President Trump is gearing up for his third appearance on the witness stand as his trial in New York, where his business empire faces allegations of fraud, nears its conclusion. This time, he will be questioned by his own legal team.

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Trump’s Previous Testimonies

In his previous testimonies, Trump vehemently defended his business practices, downplaying critical financial documents and characterizing the trial as corrupt.

His fiery testimony often resembled a political rally speech, with strong criticisms of the judge and New York Attorney General Letitia James, whom he referred to as “frauds” and “political hacks.”

Trump’s Control Over the Narrative

With Trump’s counsel now leading the questioning, he will have more control over setting the narrative and presenting his side of the story. This marks a significant shift in the trial’s dynamics.

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Witness Testimonies During the Defense Case

During the defense case, several witnesses revisited their earlier testimonies but added their unique perspectives. Donald Trump Jr., for example, distanced himself from financial documents central to the case, emphasizing that he relied on experts, accountants, and executives to handle these matters.

The Trump Story Presentation

In contrast, his recent testimony focused on “The Trump Story,” a presentation outlining the Trump Organization’s history and accomplishments, with minimal emphasis on property valuations.

Jeff McConney’s Emotional Testimony

Another key witness, Jeff McConney, the former corporate controller of the Trump Organization, highlighted the toll of the organization’s legal troubles on his personal life, and ultimately led to his retirement.

Reinforcing Previous Arguments

Trump’s upcoming testimony could reinforce arguments he made during his state testimony, with several Deutsche Bank executives supporting his claims that the bank conducted due diligence and found no fraud in their dealings with the Trump Organization.

Implications for Future Trials

While Trump’s legal team attempted to delay his testimony until after the gag order appeal, the judge denied this request, setting the stage for his third round of testimony.

This upcoming testimony may also provide insight into how Trump will conduct himself in his upcoming criminal trials, with a combined 91 charges across four cases, the first of which is scheduled for March 4 in Washington.

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