Yoga Burn Review – Is Zoe Bray-Cotton For Real?


Ever since the yogis of India traveled to the West with their ideas, yoga has been a fascination for people looking to lose weight. Great battles have been fought over the benefits of yoga, but one thing is certain: it is immensely popular in America, especially with women. Naturally we had to review a yoga-based program and Yoga Burn looked like the ideal sample. In this Yoga Burn review we’ll break down the buzz and reveal the truth behind the creator, and the program itself.

As always, we have to look back to look forwards so let’s examine the creator of the product.

Yoga Burn Review – Is Zoe Bray-Cotton a Model?Zoe-Bray-Cotton-Yoga-Burn

The Yoga Burn program was created by a woman called Zoe Bray-Cotton. First impression was that she was a hired model brought into the sell the product. We found out, however, that not only is she the real deal, she’s got good history. Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified yoga instructor; something we believe adds incredible weight to the program. Too many programs are created by people who don’t actually walk the walk. But Zoe is not just a yoga instructor; she’s a committed fan of health and fitness. She clearly believes in the empowerment of women, a fact that should championed by all. Zoe is also a personal trainer who’s helped quite a number of people achieve their weight loss goals through yoga.

yoga burn review zoe bray-cottonYoga Burn Review – Zoe’s Philosophy and Its Impact On Training

Many women flock to yoga with mistaken beliefs. These mistaken beliefs are counterproductive, according to the creator of Yoga Burn. Of all the introductions we’ve come across in our reviews, Zoe’s philosophical approach is by far the best one we’ve seen.

She outlines in crisp, clear details, the common misconceptions that force women into yoga, but which ultimately lead to failure. She cites three main misconceptions.

The first is that enrolling in any yoga class will suffice. Generic yoga classes get you generic yoga results says Zoe. This is sound advice which is a good jolt for anyone looking to try yoga for the first time.

The second misconception is that yoga classes, by default, provide relaxation and help with stress. Zoe blows the lid on this common myth, detailing the dangers posed by yoga classes and the hormone called cortisol.

The final misconception that holds women back is the idea that yoga poses well-repeated, will yield strong results. Again, Zoe goes into great detail about the poses, their effectiveness, and what you can expect.

yoga-burn-scamYoga Burn Review – Zoe Bray-Cotton’s Master Stroke

One of the things we were really impressed with regarding the Yoga Burn program is its attention to detail. The unique clearing up phase at the start set the stage for a very solid and strong program and we weren’t disappointed.

Inside we found a well composed program divided into three high-quality phases of instruction.

Yoga Burn Program Phase One – Foundational Flow

You’d expect a yoga burn program to have the concept of “flow” at its center and Zoe doesn’t disappoint. The foundational phase of the program is the gentle easing into yoga for women looking to lose weight. The program emphasizes the basics of striking good and effective yoga poses early. This aspect we found particularly impressive. A beginner could easily walk away from this phase and be able to teach basic yoga to most people. Zoe’s instructions here are very well put together.

Yoga Burn Program Phase Two – Transitional Flowyoga-burn-reviews

In phase one, the foundational phase, you learned all about poses. Here, in phase two, it’s all about merging the poses into effective sequences for maximum effect. Here Zoe blends the physical aspects of yoga with the metaphysical aspects of health and wellness. There’s a direct transference of ideas from the physical world into the emotional state of the user. This is where users get to make the transformational mental leaps necessary for yogic elevation.

Yoga Burn Program Phase Three – Mastery Flow

Mastery in anything takes time, practice and lots of effort. Zoe creates a handy shortcut to this whole process by combining the learning involved in phase one and two. The result is a masterful understanding of how yoga really works. It’s an understanding that is akin to sitting at the feat of yogi in Utter Pradesh. The effective poses become a rhythmical journey in synthesis, an effect according to some, has to bedoes yoga burn work seen to be believed.

But Zoe Bray-Cotton doesn’t stop there. Unlike many other programs we come across, she’d been bold in offering bonuses. These bonuses by themselves could easily make standalone programs. There’s a full audio program that complements the main program. Users who spend a lot time in their cars can happily listen along. Then there is the tranquility flow bonus, a handy bonus that helps users unlock the benefits of restorative yoga.

Yoga Burn Review – Does Zoe Pass The Test?

The Yoga burn program is excellently delivered. You can tell that the creator is a yoga expert who’s spent years honing the art and science of yoga. The videos and audio are excellent training tools and the creator makes sure that no woman is left behind. The easy, friendly manner of the instructor is a good addition to a product that by itself packs a serious health punch. Go over to Zoe’s main website and download the Yoga Burn program today.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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