White House targets patents of expensive drugs developed with taxpayers’ funds

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The Biden administration has recently announced a groundbreaking plan that puts pharmaceutical companies under scrutiny.

The initiative aims to address the issue of exorbitant drug prices, a concern that has long plagued the healthcare sector.

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Biden Admin’s plan to combat high drug prices

Under this new plan, the administration warns that if the costs of certain drugs remain excessively high, it may revoke their patent protection, allowing competitors to produce generic versions.

This bold move, announced on Thursday, focuses on high-priced drugs developed with taxpayer funding.

Biden pledges on YouTube to end drug price gouging

President Joe Biden, in a brief 15-second video posted on YouTube on Wednesday night, emphasized the importance of this initiative. He stated, “Today, we’re taking a very important step toward ending price gouging so you don’t have to pay more for the medicine you need.”

This statement underscores the administration’s commitment to making essential medications more affordable for the American public.

However, the specifics of how this process will be implemented are yet to be released.

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Uncertainty, legal challenges loom over White House drug pricing plan

White House officials have not yet disclosed which drugs may be targeted or the criteria that would deem a drug costly enough to warrant such action.

This uncertainty has sparked a wide range of reactions across various sectors.

The administration has opened a 60-day public comment period to gather feedback on this proposal.

If enacted, it is almost certain that pharmaceutical companies will challenge the plan in court, setting the stage for a significant legal battle.

Biden’s healthcare focus: Drug price reform for reelection campaign

This proposal is part of a broader health policy initiative by the White House, which is gearing up to highlight its efforts in tackling drug prices for the upcoming reelection campaign.

President Biden frequently references the recent $35 cap on insulin for Medicare enrollees and a groundbreaking plan allowing government officials to negotiate some drug prices paid by Medicare.

These efforts represent a historic shift in U.S. healthcare policy.

Biden explores ‘march-in rights’ to address patent-protected drug prices

The concept of “march-in rights,” where the government can intervene in patents, is not new but has never been implemented.

Democratic lawmakers like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar have advocated for such measures in some instances.

The proposed process by the Biden administration aims to clarify that a drug’s patent could be at risk if its price becomes unaffordable for Americans.

Biden’s drug pricing policy faces pushback from Pharmaceutical industry

Neera Tanden, Biden’s domestic policy adviser, highlighted the significance of this move, stating, “For the first time ever, the high price of that taxpayer-funded drug is a factor in determining that the drug is not accessible to the public on reasonable terms.”

However, this plan has raised concerns among pharmaceutical companies.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) warns that this could negatively impact future drug development.

PhRMA spokesperson Megan Van Etten expressed concerns about the implications for patient access to new treatments and cures.

Examining public-private dynamic in pharmaceutical research funding

The relationship between government-funded research and pharmaceutical companies is complex.

The recent development of COVID-19 vaccines, heavily backed by U.S. taxpayer money, is a prime example of this collaboration.

Former HHS official William Pierce raises a crucial question in this context: “The question becomes – what reward should there be for the taxpayers who help fund this product?”

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