White House Silent on Official’s Past Social Media Posts Attacking Police and Discussing “Russiagate”

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By Mark Sullivan

The White House remained tight-lipped this week when questioned about resurfaced social media posts made by Tyler Cherry, one of the administration’s top communications officials. Cherry, who currently holds the position of Department of the Interior’s principal deputy communications director and senior spokesperson, has posted comments on X (formerly Twitter) in the past that have stirred controversy.

Among his posts, Cherry stated in 2015 during the Baltimore riots following the death of Freddie Gray, a Black man who died in police custody, “Praying for #Baltimore, but praying even harder for an end to a capitalistic police state motivated by explicit and implicit racial biases.”

In another post, Cherry claimed, “Apt (sic.) time to recall that the modern-day police system is a direct evolution of slave patrols and lynch mobs.” He also equated police to “slave patrols” and likened voter identification laws to historical poll taxes used to suppress Black voting.

Cherry’s social media history also includes comments on the Republican Party, with statements like, “The Tea Party was never about the debt/deficit but about racism and white grievance politics.”

In 2018, Cherry called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Homeland Security Department agency responsible for border security and immigration enforcement.

Cherry also frequently commented on the so-called Russia “scandal” during the Trump administration, questioning the involvement of White House officials and highlighting other issues, such as a gay purge in Chechnya, Russia.

While the White House chose not to directly address Cherry’s social media statements, it did respond to what it viewed as personal attacks against him. A White House spokesperson stated, “No one should be targeted simply for being themselves. It is cruel and unacceptable.” The spokesperson emphasized the administration’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Tyler Cherry assumed his role at the Interior Department in early 2021 and previously worked for President Biden’s campaign, consulting firm SKDK, and progressive publication Media Matters for America.

Cherry did not provide a response to requests for comment.

This situation highlights the challenges faced by government officials in the age of social media, where past statements and opinions can resurface and create controversy.

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