‘We’re going to have to earn our re-elect’ – Kamala Harris

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In a recent CNN interview, Vice President Kamala Harris candidly addressed the challenges facing the current administration in the wake of several polls indicating former President Donald Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden in hypothetical 2024 election scenarios, including key battleground states.

Harris acknowledges uphill battle leading into 2024

Harris emphasized the necessity of working diligently to secure re-election. “We’re going to have to earn our re-elect, there’s no doubt about it,” she stated, acknowledging the competitive nature of the upcoming electoral battle.

This acknowledgment comes in light of multiple polls showing Biden trailing behind Trump in potential 2024 match-ups. Notably, an NBC News poll revealed a slight edge for Trump, though the lead falls within the margin of error, suggesting a closely contested race should these two political figures face off again.

Political candidates have to effectively ‘make their case’

Harris underscored the importance of effective communication in democratic processes, especially for those seeking to continue in leadership roles. “It is absolutely right in a democracy with free and fair elections that the candidates, the people who want to continue in leadership have to make their case, and have to make it effectively,” she told CNN.

The Vice President also highlighted the significance of conveying the administration’s achievements and values to the electorate.

We have to listen to voter concerns – Harris

Her approach includes not only talking to voters but actively listening to their concerns. “I have a great sense of duty and responsibility to do as much as I can, to be where the people are and to not only speak with them, but listen to them and let them know what we’ve accomplished,” Harris added.

However, Harris’s communication strategies have not been without challenges. CNN reported on an incident where her team, concerned about her ability to deliver a speech effectively, opted for a ‘fireside chat’ format at a key Democratic National Committee meeting.

Harris looking to refine messaging approach

This adaptation, reportedly driven by apprehension over her public speaking, underscores the ongoing efforts to refine her messaging approach.

Addressing the campaign’s outreach to Black voters, Harris suggested that the breadth of their accomplishments might be overwhelming. “Actually, probably there’s a hindrance, in that the list is really long, and we have to triage around what we repeat over and over again to make sure that it resonates and it’s actually heard,” she explained.

The importance of the younger generations

CNN also raised a question about the generational gap, inquiring why younger voters should relate to a president significantly older than many of their grandparents.

Harris responded with a perspective on the long-term impact of political decisions, implying that the younger generation stands to gain or lose the most from the outcomes of these decisions.

Harris remains confident of re-election

In early November, Harris reiterated her and Biden’s commitment to their roles and the upcoming election. “The president and I obviously have a lot of work to do to earn our re-election. But I am confident we’re going to win,” she confidently stated.

This interview sheds light on the current administration’s recognition of the competitive nature of the upcoming election, their commitment to effective communication with voters, and the challenges they face in resonating with a diverse electorate.

Harris’s remarks reflect a candid acknowledgment of the political landscape and an unwavering determination to engage with and listen to the American public as part of their re-election campaign.

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