Wells Fargo workers organize largest union drive in decades 

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Workers at Wells Fargo, the fourth-largest bank in the U.S., are intensifying their union organizing efforts, marking the largest union drive at a U.S. bank in decades. 

This push comes amid concerns about working conditions, policies, pay, and benefits, as well as the bank’s history of scandals and fines.

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Union momentum grows at Wells Fargo amidst pandemic challenges

The union organizing effort gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic, with four Wells Fargo branches filing for union elections since November. 

These branches are in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Bethel, Alaska; Atwater, California; and Daytona Beach, Florida. 

The first union elections in New Mexico and Alaska are scheduled for December 21.

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Wells Fargo workers concerned over pay, fines, and anti-union flyers

Mac Siruta, a claims assistance center worker at Wells Fargo, expressed concerns about losing talent to competitors offering higher pay. 

The bank’s $3.7 billion fines over various charges and opposition to unionization contribute to the workers’ push for change. 

Anti-union flyers distributed by Wells Fargo have raised fears of retaliation among workers.

Wells Fargo’s response and anti-union efforts

Wells Fargo’s CEO, Charles Scharf, claimed the right to speak to workers about the issues raised by the union, but workers report a lack of communication. 

The bank distributed anti-union flyers, warning against becoming the “union’s bait” and alleging the involvement of the Communications Workers of America.

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Bank leadership concerns and past settlements

Wells Fargo leaders have expressed worries about a potential union organizing wave, citing high-profile drives at Starbucks and Amazon. 

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The bank has settled two unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board, while others remain under review.

Jefferson backs unionizing due to staffing and benefits issues

Corinne Jefferson, a personal banker with 13 years of experience, highlighted chronic understaffing, lagging wages, and expensive healthcare benefits as key issues driving workers to unionize. 

HR representatives have been distributing anti-union flyers, claiming support for workers, but employees argue for solidarity in the face of challenges.

Wells Fargo stresses direct collaboration amid unionization push

Wells Fargo maintains its position, stating, “We strongly believe everyone’s individual voice should be heard and that working directly together is the best way to continue to support our employees.” 

The bank emphasizes collaboration without third-party intervention.

Wells Fargo workers unite for change in ‘largest union drive in decades’

As Wells Fargo faces its largest union drive in decades, workers are united in their push for change, emphasizing the need for improved working conditions, fair policies, and better pay and benefits. 

The outcome of the upcoming union elections may significantly impact the future dynamics within the bank.

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