Voters need ‘straight answer’ on abortion from fellow GOP contenders – Christie

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Chris Christie, a 2024 GOP presidential hopeful, recently expressed concern over the ambiguity of his fellow candidates’ stance on federal abortion policy.

In a “Face the Nation” interview with CBS News’s Margaret Brennan, Christie emphasized the necessity for candidates to provide clear, consistent answers to voters.

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Christie, concerned over candidates’ inconsistency, urges direct answers

“I’m concerned, quite frankly, Margaret, that, you know, candidates in this race have been all over the block on this. And it’s not right.”

“People deserve to have a straight answer from you. And that’s my straight answer.” Christie emphasised

Christie rejects federal abortion ban, supports state autonomy

He reiterated his stance against a six-week federal abortion ban and advocated for leaving abortion decisions to individual states.

Highlighting recent state ballot initiatives that established abortion rights within state constitutions, Christie underlined the democratic process in action, advocating for states’ rights in determining abortion policies.

Christie urges state control of abortion, criticizes Haley, DeSantis

His belief is that for half a century, the Supreme Court’s involvement removed this decision from the public, and it’s time to return it to the states’ discretion.

In a critical assessment of his Republican rivals, Christie singled out former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for their statements on abortion.

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Haley supports six-week abortion ban, despite Senate challenges

While Haley presents herself as a compassionate pro-life advocate, she acknowledges the improbability of a federal abortion ban passing in a closely divided Senate.

Nevertheless, she has expressed willingness to sign a six-week abortion ban if it were to reach her desk as president.

Christie critiques GOP rivals inconsistency, advocates for states’ rights

Christie, contrasting his position with Haley and DeSantis, stated, “I’ve been consistent on this. I believe the conservative, smart approach is to let the states make these decisions.”

He criticized the inconsistency he perceives in his opponents, underscoring the need for steadfastness in political positions, especially on such critical issues.

Christie champions state autonomy, diverging from GOP counterparts

This approach, according to Christie, aligns with the Republican ethos of limited federal government interference, entrusting more power to the states.

By advocating for this decentralized approach, Christie distinguishes his policy perspective from those of Haley and DeSantis, framing his stance as both consistent and rooted in conservative principles.

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