Video Game Tester Jobs Review – Scam Alert?

Video games have truly gone mainstream and while millions play for fun, a good many people are out there playing games for money. This latter fact has led many people to search for opportunities. These opportunities, however, are not easy to come by; and when they do come about, people have to select carefully. This minefield has led to a number of online portals promising video game tester jobs. How legit are these online portals? In this video games tester jobs review we’ll explore the realness of one such portal. The portal in question is one of the more popular sites online for these types of jobs so let’s dive right in.

Video Game Tester Jobs Review – The Industry Worth Millions?video game testera jobs scam

There are various studies and market research efforts surrounding the video games industry. The general opinion is that it is a growing industry. The largest market for the sale of video games is of course the US, but globally the industry is worth over $108.4B. In the US that industry generated around $3.2B in revenue in 2017. The numbers are set to grow even more as people come online and find the money to buy consoles and stuff like that.

This sizable growth means that developers of games require hours and hours of testing before the games are released to the public. This has created a whole new industry in itself. But these companies don’t interact with the public directly when it comes to finding testers. Standing between the tester and the company who develops the video games is a gatekeeper. Video games tester jobs is one such gatekeeper. But who are the companies?

Video Game Tester Jobs Review – The Companies That Have Offers

The video games industry is populated by a broad mix of companies, developers and engineers. The ones that hire are the big names. Companies like Electronic Arts (EA) occupy a huge chunk of the video games industry. They have literally hundreds of titles, the most popular are the sports franchise video game tester jobs - does it workgames that are advertised every year.  Activison/Blizzard is a popular developer of online games and they too have a big stake in the billions generated each year. Traditional console makers like Nintendo also play a part in games development. Overseas based companies also do a fair bit of testing inside the US. Companies like Ubisoft (a French company) are heavily represented in the video games industry. Video games testers can also expect to do testing for companies that traditionally don’t occupy “video game” in the public mind. Companies like Apple and Google have lately been heavily involved on the development of gaming platforms and games themselves.

Video Game Tester Jobs Review – The Process

The process of becoming a video game tester and making money from video game tester jobs is not difficult. In fact, getting access is easy as pie.  The first step of course is to sign up with a qualified video game testing jobs website. This part of the process is the standard form filling that most people do online. After name, email and other details are filled in, the tester can proceed to the next step.

The second step is where the tester selects the jobs wanted. It could be a simple test for an upcoming game. It could also be a survey as some video game tester jobs reviewscompanies do extensive pre-testing research by launching surveys for qualified gamers to participate in. Video game developers will sometimes launch focus groups, which allow them to get qualified feedback on the directions they are taking on certain games. Gaming consoles are also extensively tested, giving players an opportunity to test the latest consoles from the big developers.

The final step is the rewards. This is where either money or some in-kind benefit is paid out. According to video game tester jobs website, rewards can include gift cards from companies like Starbucks, Paypal and Amazon to name a few. The main website for video game tester jobs has a comprehensive listing which gives some sense of the depth of opportunities involved.

video game tester jobs reviewVideo Game Tester Jobs Review – Summary of Findings

All in all, the video game tester jobs website seems to be well presented. The opportunities outlined are carefully explained and the rewards for testing video games are well stated. The sign up process for the website is easy and access is immediate. One distinct advantage we noticed is the ease of getting out of their paid program. The website owners offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is a huge advantage to anyone looking to try out the site, but who for whatever reason don’t want to commit absolutely. From what we see the developers have taken great care to make the program accessible and authentic. For video game testers, this is a site worth exploring. Start Video Game Tester Jobs Here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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