Venus Factor Extreme Review – Is It A Scam?

venus factor extreme review

It’s always good when the developer of a weight loss program has actually done much of the work themselves. This is the case with the Venus Factor Extreme weight loss program. This factor was important in inspiring us to carry out this Venus factor extreme review. In it we’ll reveal the truth behind the program, its creator, and the facts behind its popularity with users around the world.

Venus Factor Extreme Review – Who Created It?John-Barban-Venus-Factor-Extreme

The Venus Factor Extreme weight loss program was created by a man called John Barban. John is a fitness coach and nutritionist from Canada and he’s built up quite a following over the years. One look at him and you can see why. The guy is ripped – Hollywood stuntman body ripped. Broad shoulders chiseled to perfection with bulging biceps and triceps to match a powerful physique.

But this is what we liked about John from our research into his philosophy. John believes in empowering women. This is super-cool, especially given the challenges that women face in the world.

This brings us to the powerful reason John Barban is getting lots of followers for his breakthrough Venus Factor Extreme weight loss program.

Venus Factor Extreme Review – The Program Created For Women

As mentioned above, John Barban is certified guru when it comes to weight loss. But he’s also used his 8 years of experience in the fitness industry to analyze and understand the weight loss journey from a woman’s perspective.

This is why the Venus factor extreme program has the name it has. Specifically crafted for women, the program takes the usual problems of women’s weight loss and adds a cutting edge approach to them.

The reason we found out in our research is that women and men do operate differently at a biological level. This difference means that women and men gain weight differently; but crucially, they lose weight in broadly different ways too.

Venus Factor Extreme Review – The Program And What Users Getvenus factor extreme review

This women-focused weight loss program is very impressive in terms of its focus and details. The overall program is packaged in a uniquely different way, too.

Custom Nutritional Software

Since a woman’s body is different from a man’s, it makes sense that John Barban has created a unique piece of software that helps women target nutritional outcomes that can actually work.

The nutrition software is compact and specific, offering the dietary and nutritional guidance to match the individual users. Simply plug in a few personal details (age, weight, height, that sort of thing) and press the button.

Immediately a fully tailored read-out along with a detailed plan for action is presented to the user.

Nutritional Manual

No weight loss goal can be achieved without knowledge and this is where the Venus Factor Extreme nutritional manual really comes into its own. The manual is a feature-packed ebook that takes the user by the hand, showing them the ins and out of losing weight properly by following specific nutritional principles.

Inside the manual is a comprehensive meal plan that puts many of the meal plans we’ve reviewed before to shame. The meals recommended in the manual are super nutritious, something we don’t see a lot in many guides on the internet.

Venus Factor Extreme Review – The Bonus Content That Shocked Usvenus factor extreme scam

We didn’t imagine for a minute that after creating such a comprehensive guide, John Barban would be able to deliver even more value. But deliver he has.

The 140 premium video coaching lessons and workouts are perfect for any woman who’s keen to get those stubborn pounds off. These workouts are easy to follow, won’t leave a woman feeling drained, and don’t interfere with the delicate hormonal cycles of a woman.

This is true appreciation for the sensitive balance that a woman needs and its refreshing to see a man understand that.

The Venus factor extreme program also comes with a vibrant community of women committed to losing weight. This community provides the wider support and encouragement to help users sustain their effort.  Sustained effort of course helps users stick with program and achieve their weight loss goals. It is a stroke of genius by John Barban to include this community.

does venus factor extreme workVenus Factor Extreme Review – Final Thoughts

The Venus factor extreme program is feature and value rich. The program comes in a mix of digital downloads, including videos for use on mobile devices, as well as a physical product that can be used away from computers.

This added dimension is a useful and practical one and helps set the program apart. Of course the main recommendation is based on the program itself which is well researched and well presented.

Users can take advantage of a money-back guarantee which is available for 60 days.

Click here for the official website.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

venus factor extreme review

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