US Special Ops seeks advanced sniper rifle to rival Russia and China

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The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is currently on a mission to acquire a groundbreaking sniper rifle, aiming to achieve unprecedented accuracy at record distances. 

This initiative is part of a broader effort to maintain a competitive edge over major military rivals.

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USSOCOM pursues new sniper rifle for long-range accuracy

In a recent notice on, a platform connecting private contractors with the U.S. government, USSOCOM expressed its need for a new “extreme long-range sniper rifle.” 

This new firearm is intended to supersede older models like the M107 and MK15 with a more advanced system. 

The command’s goal is to secure a rifle capable of precision firing at 2,500 meters, or approximately 2,730 yards, a range that would surpass existing confirmed kill records.

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Setting new standards in sniper capabilities

The quest for this sniper rifle is not just about upgrading equipment but also about setting new benchmarks in military capability. 

As reported by, the current record for the longest confirmed sniper kill belongs to Cpl. Rob Furlong of the Canadian Army who achieved a kill from 2,430 meters (2,657 yards) in 2002 using a military version of the TAC-50.

A USSOCOM spokesperson, when contacted by Fox News Digital, confirmed this pursuit. 

They emphasized, “The M107 and MK15 rifles are still incredibly capable platforms that fulfill multiple requirements for Special Operations Forces.” 

Strategic advantages and specifications

This statement underlines that the initiative for a new sniper rifle is not due to inadequacies in the current arsenal but rather a proactive step to stay ahead in military technology.

The drive to develop this advanced sniper rifle is rooted in a strategic vision. 

USSOCOM aims to provide U.S. special operations forces a significant advantage against formidable adversaries like China and Russia. 

“The [Extreme Long Range – Sniper Rifle] requirement is based off capabilities and advancements developed by industry partners as well as the long-range shooting sports community,” said the USSOCOM spokesperson. 

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USSOCOM details high-tech, multi-caliber sniper rifle specs

They elaborated that the ELR-SR would capitalize on these advancements, enhancing long-range precision and the probability of hit, crucial for near-peer conflicts.

USSOCOM’s specifications for the new sniper rifle are detailed and ambitious. 

The command seeks a modular, magazine-fed, multi-caliber system with various barrel configurations, bolts, magazines for each caliber, a stock, receiver, sound suppressor, ballistic computer, operator manual, cleaning kit, tool kit, and bipod. 

The rifle must be capable of firing both sub-sonic and supersonic rounds, be no longer than 56 inches, and weigh no more than 22 pounds.

Enhancing special operations forces’ effectiveness

The development of the Extreme Long Range – Sniper Rifle is seen as a significant step in enhancing the effectiveness of Special Operations Forces. 

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By leveraging the latest in small arms design, performance, and manufacturing technologies, this new system is expected to increase reliability, survivability, and availability. 

“The Extreme Long Range – Sniper Rifle will increase the effectiveness of Special Operations Forces by utilizing the most recent advances and capabilities in small arms design, performance, and commercial manufacturing technologies to increase reliability,

survivability and availability by replacing decade-old weapon systems,” the USSOCOM spokesperson explained. 

USSOCOM enhances military might with advanced sniper rifle initiative

This initiative represents a significant leap in military technology, aiming to equip U.S. forces with a weapon that meets and exceeds current and foreseeable requirements.

Pursuing this new sniper rifle underscores a strategic shift in military preparedness, reflecting an understanding of the evolving nature of warfare and technological advancements. 

USSOCOM’s proactive approach in seeking a sniper rifle with such remarkable capabilities demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the United States’ position as a leader in military innovation and effectiveness.

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