United Auto Workers endorses Biden for his commitment to American Workers

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has officially endorsed President Joe Biden for the 2024 reelection, a decision announced months after Biden supported striking workers in Michigan. 

UAW President Shawn Fain, who initially hesitated in endorsing political figures, confirmed the union’s support, stating, “This choice is clear. We need to know who’s going to sit in the most powerful seat in the world and help us win as the united working class.”

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Fain and Biden unite in criticism of Trump at UAW endorsement event

Fain and President Biden expressed their disapproval of former President Donald Trump during the announcement. 

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Fain accused Trump of opposing union values, while President Biden remarked on the loss of American pride and job outsourcing during Trump’s administration. 

Biden assured, “Let me just say I’m honored to have your back, and you have mine. That’s the deal. You are the heroes in the story.”

United Auto Workers’ role in auto industry changes

The endorsement follows significant contract negotiations between the Big Three automakers and the UAW, benefiting approximately 150,000 workers with pay raises and other enhancements. 

Fain has also indicated plans to extend UAW’s influence to nonunion workers, targeting companies like Tesla Motors and Toyota.

Biden pledge’s support to auto workers in Michigan 

During a visit to General Motors’ Willow Run Redistribution Center in Michigan, President Biden voiced his support for auto workers, advocating for significant raises. 

In contrast, President Trump, addressing a nonunionized car parts maker, sought UAW endorsement, promising to support gasoline engines and oppose policies like sex changes for minors.

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Trump’s criticism of Biden’s Electric Vehicle policies

Trump, on his website, strongly criticized Biden and Fain’s push for electric vehicles (EVs), claiming it would lead to job losses and industry decline. 

The UAW has made it clear that they do not support Trump’s 2024 campaign. 

Despite assurances, the switch to EV manufacturing raises concerns about potential job losses in the auto industry.

EV manufacturing and labor market impact

Studies and industry analysts point to the labor-efficient nature of EV manufacturing, which requires fewer moving parts and less labor than traditional gasoline-powered cars. 

This efficiency, however, raises questions about future employment in the sector. While some predict job losses, others suggest a surge in EV sales could create new job opportunities.

UAW’s endorsement amid Biden’s poll challenges

The UAW’s endorsement comes when President Biden is trailing behind Trump in Michigan polls. 

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Despite Biden winning Michigan in the 2020 election, recent surveys show Trump holding a consistent lead. 

The UAW’s support could be crucial in influencing the state’s outcome in the upcoming election.

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