UFC star lambasts LeBron James amid national anthem controversy: ‘You’re a coward’

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UFC star Colby Covington recently joined the growing chorus of critics voicing their opinions on LeBron James’ recent actions during the national anthem.

As Covington prepares for his welterweight bout at UFC 296, he didn’t hold back during a press conference, expressing his views on James’ behavior.

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Colby Covington’s blunt critique of LeBron James

Covington, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t mince words when addressing LeBron James. He questioned James’ love for America and suggested that if he disliked the country that had given him immense wealth, he should leave or face the consequences.

Covington’s exact words during the press conference were, “If you hate America so much, and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars, leave it. Or come deal with me.”

“Go to China. Go to these sweatshops that you employ all these laborers and use these women and pay them pennies on the dollar to make your millions.”

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Covington’s strong words for LeBron James, tags him a ‘spineless coward’

Colby Covington didn’t stop at criticism; he went on to call LeBron a “spineless coward” while not holding back from using strong language.

His comments added to the already intense debate surrounding James’ actions.

The Controversial video: LeBron James’ entrance

The controversy centers around a video by Orange County Register reporter Luca Evans.

The video showed LeBron James entering USC’s Galen Center in Los Angeles, accompanied by his son Bryce and two of Bryce’s Sierra Canyon High School teammates.

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LeBron James’ national anthem actions and subsequent criticism

What caught the attention of many viewers was that James immediately took a seat as the national anthem played, failing to remove his hat—a customary practice during the anthem. He only stood toward the end of the video.

The video quickly garnered criticism, with some accusing LeBron James of having “zero respect” for the United States and suggesting that he hated the country due to his actions during the anthem.

Reporter Luca Evans’ defense of LeBron James

As the video gained traction and sparked controversy, Luca Evans, the reporter who captured the footage, defended LeBron James.

He clarified that James had been following the same routine for years during his son Bronny’s time at Sierra Canyon. According to Evans, this was an attempt to avoid causing a disturbance by entering the arena quietly.

LeBron James’ court performance amid controversy

Despite the ongoing debate and criticism, LeBron James did not play in the game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, diverting the attention back to his performance on the court.

The controversy surrounding LeBron James and his actions during the national anthem continues to draw attention and spark debates.

Ongoing debate highlights complexities in sports, patriotism, personal expression

Colby Covington’s sharp criticism adds another layer to the ongoing discussion, highlighting the intersection of sports, patriotism, and personal expression.

As the story unfolds, it remains a topic of intense interest and debate in sports and society.

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