Tucker Carlson announces streaming service, speaks on Trump

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The Launch of a New Platform

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is embarking on a new digital venture. He recently announced his plans to launch a streaming service and website. “We’ve been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now. We’re launching a brand-new thing very soon,” Carlson stated on X (formerly Twitter).

This announcement coincides with his recent activity on Elon Musk’s X platform, where he has been active since June, including a notable interview with former President Donald Trump.

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Departure from Fox News

Carlson’s departure from Fox News in April, where he was a top-rated host, remains shrouded in mystery, with few details released. Fox News representatives have consistently redirected inquiries to the initial announcement of his departure.

Carlson and his team initially considered launching the streaming service through X, but technological limitations led them to pursue an independent path, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

A Roster of High-Profile Interviews

Besides President Trump, Carlson has featured interviews with influential figures like Andrew Tate, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Douglas MacGregor, and InfoWars host Alex Jones.

His new show on X, launched in early June, quickly attracted attention from Fox News, leading to a cease-and-desist letter citing contract violations.

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Political Ambitions and Speculations

Amidst speculation about his potential political future, Carlson addressed rumors of being President Trump’s vice-presidential pick for 2024.

He remarked, “God would have to yell at me very loud” to enter the political arena, as reported by multiple news outlets. His disdain for politicians is evident, “being around politicians would be so repulsive to me,” he stated.

Despite rumors sparked by reports of Melania Trump’s preference for Carlson as Trump’s vice president, the Trump campaign has dismissed these claims as fiction.

Zero Political Ambitions

Carlson, known for his outspoken views, reiterated his lack of political ambition in a past interview with Semafor. “I have zero ambition, not just politically, but in life,” he declared.

His primary focus remains on his journalistic endeavors and his commitment to change through his platform rather than seeking power.

Staunch Support for Trump

In a recent development, Carlson has openly expressed his support for President Trump, especially following the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

He views the incident as a pivotal moment that transformed his stance from a passive observer to an active supporter. His commitment to Trump’s cause is evident, as he expressed willingness to lead protests and support Trump financially if necessary.

Consideration for Vice Presidency

Former President Trump, in a media appearance, acknowledged that he would consider Carlson as a running mate, citing Carlson’s common sense as a key factor. This statement adds fuel to the ongoing speculations about Carlson’s role in the upcoming political landscape.

In conclusion, Tucker Carlson’s shift from a prominent news personality to a digital entrepreneur and a politically influential figure marks a significant transition.

His new platform promises to be a hub of high-profile interviews and discussions while his political inclinations and actions continue to attract attention and speculation in the political arena.

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