Trump warns Biden of consequences of indicting him, says ‘he’s opened up a Pandora’s box’

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At the iconic Cipriani’s on Wall Street, former President Donald Trump delivered a stirring speech to a crowd of about 1,000, who enjoyed dishes like wild mushroom risotto and fillet mignon.

The event, hosted by the New York Young Republican Club, saw Trump addressing various topics, including a bold message for President Biden amidst chants of his name.

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Trump warns Biden of implications for indicting a former president

Trump, speaking to the enthusiastic audience, cautioned President Biden about the repercussions of indicting a former president.

“He’s opened up a Pandora’s box that will never let our country be the same. I can only say to Joe: Be very careful what you wish for, but you have done is a terrible thing,” he declared.

His speech framed his legal challenges as political persecution, asserting, “I am being indicted for you. These are not indictments in the traditional sense. These are Biden indictments against their political opponent.”

Trump defiant in the face of 91 felony counts, vows political victory

Facing 91 felony counts from various state and federal investigations, Trump turned this into a point of bravado. “I am the first guy who ever got indicted whose poll number went up,” he quipped, likening himself to Al Capone.

He also expressed confidence in his political future, promising to claim victory in the GOP primary and the 2024 presidential election, including winning over New York.

Trump’s speech didn’t shy away from targeting his political rivals.

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Trump attacks various political rivals in fiery speech

He labeled Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as “DeSanctimonious” and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley as a “birdbrain.” New York Attorney General Letitia James was called “peekaboo James” and a “vicious lunatic.”

The evening also featured speeches from Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) and Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Before his address, Trump conversed with Gavin Wax, President of the New York Young Republican Club, and enjoyed a personal performance by Hungarian violinist Zoltan Maga.

Notable figures grace event, share moments of humor

The event, full of prominent figures, also saw its share of humor. Master of Ceremonies Alex Stein joked about Trump’s legal challenges, saying he hoped Trump went to jail as it would aid in garnering “the black vote.”

Attendees included various political figures such as Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Col.), and Andrew Giuliani.

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, was also present, having purchased a table at the event where tickets were priced around $700 each.

Trump and Vernikov share unexpected moments on stage

New York City GOP Councilwomen Vickie Paladino and Inna Vernikov were in attendance, with Vernikov receiving a special mention from Trump, leading to an unplanned exchange of pleasantries on stage.

“Well, that was not planned,” Vernikov texted The Post from her table. The event also featured former New England Patriots Defense End Jake Bequette and Vish Burra, an aide to former Rep. George Santos.

Trump’s speech contributes to charged atmosphere of the event

Burra was seen defending Santos, calling him “the Princess Diana of our generation.”

Trump’s speech, mingling with the high-profile crowd, and the reactions to his remarks encapsulated the charged atmosphere of the event, underscoring his continued influence and the polarized political landscape.

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