Trump urges Secretary Austin to be fired over unnoticed absence

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Former President Trump has called for the firing of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin after it was revealed that Austin had been hospitalized for four days without public disclosure. 

This incident has raised concerns about government transparency and accountability.

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Trump calls for Secretary Austin’s dismissal over unnoticed absence

In a post on Truth Social, Trump criticized Secretary Austin’s conduct and performance, calling for his immediate dismissal. 

He accused Austin of improper professional conduct and dereliction of duty, pointing out that Austin’s absence had gone unnoticed for a week, even by President Biden.

“Failed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin should be fired immediately for improper professional conduct and dereliction of duty,” Trump said. 

“He has been missing for one week, and nobody, including his boss, Crooked Joe Biden, had a clue as to where he was or might be.”

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Sec. Austin hospitalized: Transparency concerns arise

The Pentagon disclosed on Friday that Secretary Austin had been hospitalized since the previous Monday due to complications from a prior surgery. 

This revelation surprised most, as no one outside of the Department of Defense was aware of his absence, including President Biden. This lack of transparency has sparked concerns about government accountability.

In response to the situation, Secretary Austin issued a statement expressing his gratitude for the well-wishes and acknowledging the media’s concerns about transparency. 

He stated his commitment to doing better in keeping the public appropriately informed.

Secretary Austin acknowledges media concerns about health disclosure

“I am very glad to be on the mend and look forward to returning to the Pentagon soon,” Austin said. 

“I also understand the media concerns about transparency, and I recognize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was appropriately informed. I commit to doing better.”

Austin also took responsibility for the decisions regarding disclosing his medical procedure, emphasizing that it was his own choice.

It remains unclear what the elective medical procedure entailed, but Secretary Austin is a retired Army four-star general with over 40 years of military service.

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Congressional criticism and calls for transparency

Despite the incident, President Biden expressed confidence in Secretary Austin’s leadership. Reuters reported that Biden does not plan to remove Austin from his position.

Members of Congress, including House Armed Services Committee chair Rep. Mike Rogers and ranking member Rep. Adam Smith, have voiced concerns about the handling of the Secretary’s condition. 

They have raised several questions regarding the medical procedure, Austin’s current health status, the delegation of his responsibilities, and the delay in notifying the President and Congress. 

Congressional leaders call for transparency in Secretary Austin’s health 

They stressed the importance of transparency in this matter.

“While we wish Sec. Austin, a speedy recovery; we are concerned with how the disclosure of the Secretary’s condition was handled,” the congressional leaders said in a joint statement. 

“Transparency is vitally important,” they continued. “Sec. Austin must provide these additional details on his health and the decision-making process that occurred in the past week as soon as possible.”

Pentagon Press Association criticizes lack of transparency in Austin’s hospitalization

The Pentagon Press Association, representing national defense journalists, criticized the failure to disclose Austin’s hospitalization as an “outrage.” 

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They emphasized the importance of keeping the public informed about the health status and decision-making ability of the top defense leader, especially during times of growing threats to U.S. military service members in the Middle East and U.S. involvement in national security matters abroad.

The call for Secretary Austin’s firing by former President Trump, along with congressional concerns and media critiques, underscores the significance of government transparency and accountability, particularly in matters involving top defense leaders and national security.

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