Trump endorses Bernie Moreno in 2024 Ohio Senate race

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In a significant development for the 2024 Senate races, entrepreneur Bernie Moreno has received a strong endorsement from former President Donald Trump for the Ohio Senate Republican primary. 

This endorsement is expected to significantly impact the race, which is already shaping up to be a highly contested battle.

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Trump backs Moreno on Truth Social, shaking up Ohio GOP primary race

President Trump publicly expressed his support for Moreno on Truth Social three months before the primary on March 19. 

Moreno, a businessman who announced his candidacy in April, is up against several prominent Republicans, including Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and State Senator Matt Dolan. Trump’s endorsement is likely to be a setback for these rivals.

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Trump endorses Moreno as ‘MAGA fighter,’ critiques Senator Brown 

In his endorsement, President Trump praised Moreno as a “highly respected businessman” and a true MAGA supporter, destined to be a strong presence in the Senate. 

Trump’s support focused on Moreno’s outsider status, contrasting him with the incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. 

Trump criticized Brown as a career politician who falsely aligns with Trump’s policies but votes in line with President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Trump cautions against Brown, urges GOP unity behind Moreno for election win

President Trump warned voters against being deceived by Brown, labeling him as a “radical left liberal” who fails to represent Ohio’s values. 

In contrast, he lauded Moreno’s commitment to putting America first. Trump urged the Republican Party to rally around Moreno’s campaign for a decisive victory in the upcoming election.

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Trump praises Moreno’s stance on border, crime, taxes, and gun rights

Highlighting Moreno’s strong positions on various issues, Trump noted his focus on the border crisis, crime, tax reductions, election integrity, and more. 

Trump also emphasized Moreno’s commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights.

Moreno’s grateful response to the endorsement

Reacting to the endorsement, Moreno expressed his gratitude on X, affirming his support for Trump’s agenda. 

Moreno, a Colombian-born immigrant, has a background in luxury car dealing and co-founded a blockchain firm. 

His campaign emphasizes his commitment to American values and tackling issues like government overreach and the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Trump’s endorsement boosts Moreno’s campaign amid polling challenges

Trump’s endorsement adds to the growing list of high-profile supporters for Moreno. Despite this, a recent Emerson College Polling/WJW-TV Fox 8 Cleveland poll shows Moreno slightly trailing Brown. 

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesperson Mike Berg acknowledged the significance of Trump’s endorsement, foreseeing it as a substantial boost for Moreno’s campaign.

Trump’s endorsement boosts Moreno in critical 2024 Ohio Senate race

As the 2024 election approaches, Trump’s endorsement could be a game-changer in the Ohio Senate race, highlighting the continuing influence of the former president in Republican politics. 

Moreno’s campaign, now bolstered by Trump’s support, aims to present a strong challenge to the Democratic incumbent in what promises to be a closely watched and potentially pivotal Senate race.

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