Trump calls for return of the ‘beautiful’ Boeing 757 aircraft 

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Former President Trump took to his Truth Social platform to advocate for the return of the “beautiful” Boeing 757 aircraft. 

This comes after nearly 200 of Boeing’s planes were grounded due to an emergency door panel incident on a 737 Max 9 aircraft.

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Trump calls for return of Boeing 757, criticizes 737 extensions

“Boeing should bring back the 757, the most beautiful, best handling plane (from the pilots’ standpoint!) that Boeing ever made,” Trump emphasized in his statement. 

He continued, “Stop with the crazy extensions of the 737, the worst-looking plane in the air.”

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Trump’s call to bring back Boeing 757 after 737 Max 9 incident

The incident that triggered Trump’s call for the return of the Boeing 757 occurred on January 5th when an emergency door panel detached from a 737 Max 9 aircraft mid-flight, leaving a gaping hole in the plane’s side. 

This terrifying incident led to the temporary grounding of approximately 171 Boeing planes operated by U.S. airlines, as ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Federal investigators look into door panel issue 

Federal investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are looking into whether the plane door had bolts properly attached prior to takeoff. 

Boeing has pledged to cooperate fully in addressing any findings during the investigation.

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Donald Trump’s affinity for the Boeing 757

Donald Trump has been an outspoken fan of the Boeing 757 aircraft for quite some time. He currently owns a VIP Boeing 757 private jet. 

His son, Eric Trump, shared a video of the aircraft receiving a new paint job in July 2022. 

It’s worth noting that Boeing reported a $660 million loss in a deal with Trump concerning the construction of his Air Force One, now affectionately referred to as Trump Force One.

Trump’s previous calls for the Boeing 757 over the 737

This isn’t the first time Trump has expressed his preference for the Boeing 757 over the 737. 

In September, he criticized the U.S. Air Force and Lockheed Martin after an F-35 aircraft went missing following its pilot’s ejection mid-flight. 

Trump recommended that Boeing should replace the 737 aircraft with the “updated fast, beautiful, and sleek 757, the ‘Praying Mantis.'”

Trump’s claims about the Boeing 757 and the 737 MAX

In his previous statements, Trump asserted that the 757 was a favorite among commercial pilots. 

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He also suggested that listening to his advice years ago could have prevented the disasters associated with the 737 MAX. 

He referred to the two tragic crashes that led to the worldwide grounding of the aircraft, expressing his belief that these tragedies would never have occurred if Boeing had opted for the 757.

Trump’s closing remarks on the Boeing 757 and aviation

In closing, Trump reiterated his belief that he was right about everything, thanking those who supported his perspective. 

His call for the return of the Boeing 757 serves as a reminder of his long standing affinity for the aircraft and his vocal opinions on aviation matters.

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