Trump attacks wife of Judge presiding over his New York civil fraud case

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The ongoing civil fraud trial of former President Trump, headed by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, has taken a dramatic turn, with the judge’s wife, Dawn Engoron, becoming the focal point of Trump’s online outbursts.

In a flurry of posts on Tuesday, Trump suggested that an account on the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, is operated by Dawn Engoron and has been posting anti-Trump content.

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Trump accuses Judge’s wife of bias amid fraud trial controversy

This account, under the handle “Dawn Marie,” was highlighted by conservative activist Laura Loomer. The posts in question include assertions that Trump is “headed to the big house,” a colloquialism for prison, and comments on his trial.

Accompanying these posts are AI-generated images depicting Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit and as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz.”

In a post on Truth Social on Wednesday, Trump asserted, “Judge Engoron’s Trump-Hating wife, together with his very disturbed and angry law clerk, has taken over control of the New York State Witch Hunt Trial aimed at me, my family, and the Republican Party.”

This accusation adds another layer of controversy to the already contentious trial.

Judge’s wife denies owning anti-Trump Twitter  account amid unverified claims

In response to these allegations, Dawn Engoron categorically denied any connection to the Twitter account.

She said, “The Twitter account with the handle [sic] @dm_sminxs does not belong to me. I do not have a Twitter account. I have never posted any anti-Trump messages.” Her denial adds complexity to the situation, challenging the basis of Trump’s claims.

The Hill, in its independent investigation, could not confirm the ownership of the controversial X account. Notably, the account was deactivated at the time of their report, leaving the allegations unverified.

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Judge Engoron under scrutiny by Trump following pre-trial fraud ruling

Throughout the trial, Judge Engoron and his principal law clerk have been recurrent subjects of Trump’s criticism.

The judge’s pre-trial ruling found Trump and his associates, including his adult sons, liable for fraud. This decision was based on findings by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) that the Trumps manipulated the value of their business assets for financial gain.

This ruling, coupled with Engoron’s active role in the trial, has made him a prime target of Trump’s ire both in the courtroom and online.

Trump’s criticism of Judge Engoron escalates in court, leading to gag order

During his testimony, Trump repeatedly lambasted Judge Engoron, questioning his impartiality and labeling him “Trump-hating.”

This led to a moment in court where Engoron asked Trump’s counsel, “Can you control your client? This is not a political rally.”

The escalating tension prompted a limited gag order against Trump and his attorneys, restricting their comments about the judge’s staff.

Trump previously believed the clerk was “very biased against us.” This order is currently under review by an appeals court.

Mistrial motion by Trump’s team over alleged bias rejected in high-profile case

Trump’s legal team has motioned for a mistrial, arguing that the perceived bias of Engoron and his clerk has compromised the case.

They contend this jeopardizes their client’s rights and the judiciary’s integrity. However, this motion was rejected by Engoron as “utterly without merit.”

The convergence of legal proceedings and political drama in this trial underscores the complexities of high-profile legal battles, where perceptions of bias and media scrutiny intertwine with judicial processes.

As the trial progresses, it continues to draw attention not only to the legal arguments but also to the broader implications for the judiciary and political discourse.

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