Trailblazing fundraising event planned with Biden, Obama, and Bill Clinton 

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By Rob Samuelson

President Joe Biden’s campaign is organizing an unprecedented fundraiser, aiming to invigorate Democratic voters and garner substantial support for the party’s 2024 ticket. 

The plan involves uniting three Democratic presidents—Biden, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama—at a fundraising event this spring, according to insiders familiar with the discussions.

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Biden campaign’s grand plan: Uniting three presidents for a pivotal fundraiser

Efforts are underway to align the schedules of the three presidents, with the event possibly occurring in March or April. 

Former Presidents Obama, Clinton to support Biden at campaign event - ABC  News
Credits: ABC News

This ambitious plan is part of a broader strategy by Democratic leaders and the Biden campaign to mobilize resources and energy for what they see as a critical election. 

Details about the event are still being finalized, and representatives for Clinton and Obama have declined to comment on the matter.

Biden’s campaign ramps up for general election following Trump’s primary wins

The Biden campaign has recently transitioned to a general election approach earlier than initially anticipated. 

This shift was triggered by former President Donald Trump’s successes in the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries. As a result, the campaign is intensifying its hiring efforts, particularly in battleground states, and focusing on crucial voter demographics. 

Biden has been directing events toward Black voters, while Vice President Kamala Harris has engaged with Latino voters in Nevada. 

Aggressive campaigning and advertisements

The president’s travel schedule is also set to intensify, with plans to be on the road at least twice a week.

The campaign plans to launch a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign contrasting Biden with Trump, potentially coinciding with the State of the Union address in early March. 

This early general election phase also calls for increased fundraising efforts.

Fundraiser’s dual purpose: Raising funds and energizing base

The primary goal of this high-profile fundraiser is to raise a significant amount of money through large and small donations. 

However, the Biden campaign also hopes that the presence of three Democratic presidents will energize the party base. 

“There is real focus and urgency around making sure we beat Trump,” a Biden adviser noted. “Everyone is all in. And this kind of event early on is just the latest demonstration of that.” A successful event could lead to another similar fundraiser later in the year.

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Potential challenges and Clinton-Obama factor

While the event could showcase Democratic unity, it might also face challenges from voters who supported Biden in 2020, such as moderate Republicans. 

Both Clinton and Obama have been controversial figures for the GOP, and Clinton has faced recent Democratic criticism over past allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Despite these concerns, both former presidents remain popular among Democrats and generally enjoy higher approval ratings than the current president.

Biden’s approval ratings and economic messaging

Biden’s approval rating in the third year of his presidency is lower than that of Obama and Clinton at similar points in their presidencies, underlining his challenge with voters. 

However, Biden’s aides are optimistic about recent positive economic indicators and are adjusting their strategy to capitalize on this momentum. 

This includes more personalized interactions with Americans on issues like student loan debt and small business management.

Biden campaign’s innovative strategies for 2024 election 

As the Biden campaign gears up for the 2024 election, its strategy, including this groundbreaking fundraiser, reflects a dynamic approach to mobilizing support and addressing the challenges ahead. 

How the Biden campaign hopes to make 2024 less about Biden and more about a  contrast with Trump | CNN Politics
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The focus remains on strengthening the party’s position and effectively countering the opposition in what is anticipated to be a highly consequential electoral battle.

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