Top Senate Democrat examines safety protocols in assisted living facilities

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Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) has taken a proactive step towards addressing concerns in the assisted living industry. 

This week, he sent letters to the CEOs of three prominent assisted living operators: Atria Senior Living, Brookdale Senior Living, and Sunrise Senior Living. 

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Senator Casey addresses workforce, safety concerns in assisted living facilities

The move comes in response to recent reports highlighting workforce and safety issues in these facilities.

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In his letters, Senator Casey, who chairs the Senate Special Committee on Aging, expressed the urgency of ensuring the well-being of the estimated one million older adults and adults with disabilities residing in assisted living facilities.

“With an estimated one million older adults and adults with disabilities residing in assisted living facilities, it is critical to ensure they and their families can access accurate and timely information about services provided, the costs of assisted living services, and the quality of care,” he wrote.

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Casey investigates assisted living services after disturbing findings

Casey’s request for information from these companies aims to understand better the services offered to older adults and people with disabilities. 

This action was partly spurred by alarming findings from The Washington Post, which revealed that over 2,000 individuals have either wandered away from nursing homes and assisted living facilities or been left unattended since 2018.

Casey seeks critical data from assisted living facilities for Senate aging oversight

In his correspondence, Senator Casey asked for detailed information from these companies, including incidents of residents wandering away, policies on reporting injuries to family members, and other critical data related to residents and staffing. 

He emphasized the responsibility of the Senate Special Committee on Aging in handling issues faced by older adults, including health, housing, and the need for care or assistance. 

Casey leads Senate Aging Committee on health, housing, and elder care

“The Senate Special Committee on Aging has jurisdiction over the problems older adults face, including matters of maintaining older adults’ health, their ability to secure proper housing, and their ability to obtain care or assistance when needed,” Casey stated.

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As the committee chairman, Casey underscored his commitment to ensuring the welfare of older adults and people with disabilities. 

Senator Casey targets quality care, Housing, and value in assisted living

He is focused on the quality of care provided, access to suitable housing, and the value received for the expenditure of their hard-earned dollars. 

“As Chairman, I have an interest in ensuring that older adults and people with disabilities are receiving high-quality care, have access to proper housing, and receive good value for their hard-earned dollars,” he added.

Casey’s efforts to enhance safety and transparency in assisted living facilities

Senator Casey’s initiative marks a significant step in addressing the challenges and risks older adults face in assisted living facilities. 

His actions aim to promote transparency, improve safety standards, and ensure the delivery of high-quality care to one of the most vulnerable segments of the population.

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