The Lost Book of Remedies Review – Can Claude Davis’ Herbs Really Save You?

claude davis lost book of remedies

The humble herb has been an important part of human civilization for thousands of years. But much of that wisdom has been forgotten. This is why we believe that important wisdom contained in the lost book of remedies is vitally important. Thousands of people have voted for this wisdom with their downloading of the ebook so we decided it’s time to conduct our own lost book of remedies review.

The creator of the ebook has created a small legend around his name so it’s time to see if the ebook is really as good as people are saying.

Lost Book Of Remedies Review – Who is Claude Davis?claude davis lost book of remedies

The first glance at the lost book of remedies shows that the author, Claude Davis, has spent a great deal of time studying nature as well as living fully in nature’s bosom. Our impression of Claude is that he’s a caring man who wants people to understand the power they have at their fingertips. The breadth of knowledge of the author of the lost book of remedies is truly breathtaking.

In taking a look at Claude’s origin, so to speak, it became clear that he’s a man that understands the importance of protecting one’s family from disasters, natural or man-made. In fact, on the subject of man-made disasters, Claude believes that the lost book of remedies is an essential tool in safeguarding the family.

More on that below.

What is important in any understanding of the lost book of remedies, however, is that Claude believes every man, woman and child, needs to be prepared to handle any crisis. And he believes nature, in its most pure form, is the way to help with that.

Lost Book Of Remedies – Claude’s Grandfather And The Treasure Chest Of Knowledge

In reviewing the lost book of remedies it became clear quite early on that Claude is sitting on treasure trove of knowledge. It turns out Claude got all his wisdom from an old treasure chest of knowledge gathered by his grandfather.

lost book of remedies reviewWhat did Claude find in that treasure chest?

The lost book of remedies illustrates in vivid detail the sort of plants that are helpful in fixing a variety of ailments and improving the condition of people young and old.

Claude goes into detail about a common driveway weed that is often ignored or destroyed by most people. Yet this common weed has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and was used for thousands of years by people all over the world.

Cuts and Wounds

Even in today’s world there is no shortage of accidents that lead to cuts, scrapes and wounds. But the common response is to medicate the patient, often setting them on a path of addiction to painkillers. The lost book of remedies shows that this doesn’t have to be the case. People can actually free themselves from costly medical bills and deal with some cuts and wounds themselves.

Claude shows in the lost book of remedies, that poultices can be an effective tool for helping cuts and wounds to heal. He goes into great deal about the plants that are most effective at this and the training there is quite interesting.

Lost Book Of Remedies Review – A Cure For Arthritis?does lost book of remedies work

Arthritis affects millions of people around the world. In the US alone millions of dollars are spent each year on hospital visits, prescription and counseling for people suffering from pain.

Yet how many people know that the simple marshmallow plant can be an effective treatment for the debilitating effects of arthritis? That is clearly set out in the lost book of remedies. Claude also does an effective job of breaking down how other plants can help with many of the symptoms associated with arthritis.

Then of course there is a very important section that deals with a plant that was once used by Native Americans to save lives from snakes. This plant is still used today by indigenous peoples to stop all sorts of nasty conditions but here in the West its effectiveness is largely forgotten. This one plant alone and the teaching given about it in the lost book of remedies are worth the price of admission.

lost book of remedies claude davisLost Book Of Remedies Review – Why We Gave It 5 Stars

The lost book of remedies is the best option we’ve seen on the internet for helping people master herbs and plants for medicinal benefits. In a way, this book surprised us due to its availability. Some of the wisdom dispensed in the pages of that book could easily put several pharmaceutical companies out of business if used properly.

Luckily the ebook is still available so in a way our 5 star rating is a call to action for anyone serious about protecting their family using the free gifts of nature. This is worth every single star it has received. Download it by going to the main website right now.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

lost book of remedies review

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