The Big Diabetes Lie Review – Greatest Scam In History?

big diabetes lie scam

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases globally and in the United States. The numbers are alarming and a bunch of doctors are making noise about The Big Diabetes Lie. The CDC estimates that some 30 million Americans are affected by the disease. What’s even more alarming is that of that 30 million, around 8 million are undiagnosed. That’s 8 million people who don’t know they have it.

It would be putting it lightly to say that this is a major problem. But despite these alarming figures, there are plenty people out there who don’t take diabetes seriously. What’s more, the disease is not fully understood and this is why the doctors behind The Big Diabetes Lie are so passionate. Passion is good, but will it cure you? We’ll let you know if the big diabetes lie stacks up to anything. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the product so let’s find out what the fuss us all about.

The Big Diabetes Review – Are These People Really Doctors?The Big Diabetes Lie Reviews

The first question we asked ourselves when picked up the product was, “are these people really doctors”? We found out quickly that the Big Diabetes Lie, although it has a sort of lead author, was actually written by a team of doctors. The lead author is doctor called Max Sidorov, who also does work as a nutritionist and fitness trainer. Together with Dr Volk, Dr Shust, Dr Meto, and Dr Sokorikova, he founded the International Council for Truth In Medicine (ICTM). The ICTM is what you could call a whistle blower, an alliance of doctors committed to exposing the lies about diabetes and how it affects people in the real world.

But Dr Sidorov and his team of doctors are not intent on just exposing lies. That helps, of course, but the real goal as far as our research revealed is that they truly want to help people reverse their diabetes. It’s a bold ambition and for many people skepticism must surely dominate their minds when they come across this sort of information. Sidorov and his team have therefore gone into great detail and the result is the Big Diabetes Lie product.

the big diabetes lie reviewThe Big Diabetes Lie Review – Key Ingredients

The Big Diabetes Lie has one main eBook and several supporting products to help round out the program and help diabetes sufferers. The main guide is a well-researched (they are doctors!) and well written eBook of around 540 pages. Don’t let the size of the book fool you, it’s written in an easy to digest style. The technical language is there, but the authors have done a good job of presenting it in a colloquial, easy to understand style of presentation.

The main acts as the beacon for the rest of the guides, and provides information on nutrition and the pitfalls of diabetes medication. This second bit is where the ICTM really ramps up the pressure on mainstream medicine and the drug companies. The guide breaks down the inherent dangers associated with taking medication. This gives a pretty good entry-point into the supporting materials which are all easier to digest.

does the big diabetes lie workThe Big Diabetes Lie Review – Supporting Materials

The 540 page ebook is sound on its own, but we liked the fact that the authors took the time to add smaller, more manageable guides.

The first of these mini-guides provides a concise and accessible 30-day diabetes plan. This guide is the active working part of the whole program and it provides a robust framework for success. The 30-day plan goes into all the foods to eat, and those you must avoid in order to make sure the plan works. As many diabetes sufferers know, the discipline to stay away from certain foods is very important. The 30 day guide doesn’t skimp on applying big diabetes lie scamthe right mental pressure to help people succeed.

The other mini-guides do a very good job of alerting users to the other dangers lurking out there. There’s one that exposes the truth about MSG, the food additive that so many people love to consume. Few people understand the dangers of MSG enough and this handy guide inside the Big Diabetes Lie product does a good job of alerting users.

There are also guides on water, microwave radiation, the miracle of sleep, and the secrets of antioxidants. This last one is important, even though it is packaged as an additional guide to the main Big Diabetes Lie product. Antioxidants are an important defense in the fight against free radicals that can destroy cells. When cells are destroyed the human body can be exposed to lots of dangers, including, of course, cancer.

Is The Big Diabetes Lie A Scam? My Final Thoughtsbig diabetes lie

Our big diabetes lie review has one conclusion. The Big Diabetes Lie Product passes the tests of thoroughness, authority, and accessibility. Yes, the program costs around $37. For all that information we believe $37 is a bargain. Sure, there is lots of information out there; but it’s hard to find it condensed and fully explained in one place. This product therefore gets our seal of approval. Check it out today.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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