Swalwell predicts McCarthy’s departure from Congress by year’s end

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Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has made a bold prediction about the political future of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), suggesting that McCarthy will leave Congress by the end of the year.

This prediction follows the historic expulsion of former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.). Swalwell’s forecast, shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), indicates a belief in significant changes within the GOP’s ranks.

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Swalwell predicts McCarthy’s departure from Congress in Twitter post

Swalwell’s post reads, “With Santos gone, you’re hearing it here first: the next GOP member to leave Congress will be @SpeakerMcCarthy. No way he stays.”

“A guy who kidney punches his colleagues from behind is too afraid to serve out a full term with them. I bet he’s gone by end of year. What say you?”

Swalwell’s Twitter post references McCarthy’s controversial incident

This post not only predicts McCarthy’s departure but also makes a pointed reference to a controversial incident involving McCarthy.

The “kidney punches” comment refers to an alleged incident where McCarthy supposedly elbowed Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) last month.

McCarthy denies intentional elbow incident amid speaker controversy

McCarthy denied that the action was intentional, claiming a mere accidental elbow contact.

This episode occurred shortly after Burchett played a crucial role in McCarthy’s removal as Speaker, a position he had aspired to for years but held for less than a year.

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Republicans spark McCarthy’s departure over broken promises, conflicting priorities

McCarthy’s departure was instigated by a group of Republicans who accused him of breaking promises and having conflicting policy priorities.

As Speaker, McCarthy had resisted calls to expel Santos, needing every vote he could muster in his slim House majority.

Ethics report and Speaker change impact California delegation

The dynamics shifted with the Ethics Committee’s final report on Santos and the election of Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.).

The tension between Swalwell and McCarthy, both from California, reached a high point earlier this year.

McCarthy’s actions against Swalwell and denial of midterm departure rumors

McCarthy, as Speaker, formally barred Swalwell from serving on the House Intelligence Committee.

Despite rumors and reports suggesting his midterm departure from the House, McCarthy has consistently denied these claims.

Swalwell’s prediction on McCarthy’s exit fuels Republican party speculations

In October, he told reporters, “I’m not resigning. I got a lot more work to do,” and expressed intentions to run for re-election in 2024.

Swalwell’s assertion about McCarthy’s impending departure adds another layer of intrigue to the evolving political landscape, suggesting ongoing internal conflicts and strategic shifts within the Republican Party.

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