Superior Singing Method Review – Is This A Scam?

superior singing method pdf

Instead of spending $500 an hour on a singing coach, the superior singing method promises to be your coach for just $47.

It’s a bold promise but we noticed that thousands of people were talking about the program. We decided to take a look at the program and conduct our very own superior singing method review.

These are our findings…

Superior Singing Method – Why Was It Created?Superior Singing Method Review 2018

The internet is filled with singing coaching programs that promise but can’t deliver. The superior singing method was created to fill this void. It was created by world-renowned and Grammy award winner Aaron Anastasi. In the system (and we must say that it is a comprehensive system), the totality of singing training is on display.

This is a necessary part of why the program was created. Too many singing programs deal with the superficial aspects of singing. The idea that copying mindlessly will help transform a singer into a super star is definitely not true.

The superior singing method takes this misleading idea and shows how it’s properly done.

 Superior Singing Method pdfSuperior Singing Method Review – Good Handling of Fundamentals

Vocal Control

Anyone interested in singing at a professional level needs to know and understand vocal control.

The superior singing method outlines this important area beautifully. The instructor takes the learner through a series of training exercises – 8 in all.

This is one of the modules where the Grammy award winning coach takes things to another level.

His lack of restraint in showing students the secrets of the star was particularly impressive here. The coach also makes the whole aspect of voice control seamless and it blends well with other areas.

Pitch Control and Accuracy

No matter how much voice control is established by a singer, without pitch they’ll sound awful. This is where the pitch accuracy module really helps.

The instructor shows in very clear ways how to master the problem of pitch. This section of the training program does a good job of developing the muscles necessary for a super voice.

The superior singing method also details how to take the voice to the limits. This is especially important for those people, who have lots of potential, but don’t it.

Tone ImprovementSuperior Singing Method Reviews

Superior singing method doesn’t ignore any aspects of the fundamentals.

This is quite rare given the number of programs we’ve seen that missed them.

The whole aspect pf tone is handled expertly. The superior singing method uses this special module top help singers find their ideal voices.

No more fiddling with ranges and trying to tune the voice. The superior singing method explains and shows the way forward. The module also shows how to develop a rich textured voice that is distinct.

Superior Singing Method – Arrangement of CourseSuperior-Singing-Method-Video-Lessons

We’ve seen a few badly arranged music and singing training courses but the Superior Singing Method doesn’t have that. From the first lesson to the last, no module or training is out of place.

Each module builds upon the firmness of the one before.

The ease at which we are able to pick up some of the precise meanings behind the art of singing was amazing.

The course arrangement makes for swift movement between modules. And there are lots of practical references that allow the user to see development as they happen.

superior singing method scam coachSuperior Singing Method – Good Use of Audio and Video

Lots of singing courses make exclusive use of audio. This is understandable but in an age when fullness is important, this approach is lacking. This is why we were happy to see that the superior singing method included video in the training.

Users don’t only get to hear the training; they get to see the instructor as he delivers the training. We believe this is a huge help to those people who learn visually, despite the need being an auditory one.

The step by step outline of the video content makes it easy for users to navigate. This makes the superior singing method one of the best programs out there for content.

Superior Singing Method Review – Biggest Bundle Ever?

The coach that put the superior singing method clearly knows the depth necessary to succeed. The superior singing method brings together a broad range of skills training which make the program easy to use.

The 31 dynamic vocal exercises assembled in the program makes the task of learning fun and easy. The inclusion of the 360 degree training method makes the program easily the best out there.

Total voice training is something lots of coaches shy away from. But not the creator of the superior singing method; the system as presented here makes total voice training easy.

Superior Singing Method – Final Thoughtssuperior singing method pdf

Aaron Anastasi has a very strong profile and proves in this course that real singing can be taught. This is easily one of the top 3 programs in the world on vocal training and we are very surprised it’s being sold so cheaply. This could easily have gone for $297, or even $397.

The easy and accessible price point is therefore a huge bonus for potential buyers of the program. The wide array of training material is proof that bigger can be better in the world of singing.

Anyone interested in raising their singing game should definitely explore the superior singing method. Visit the main website here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

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