Steve Doocy of Fox News says Ramaswamy was ‘embarrassing’ in GOP debate

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Fox News anchor Steve Doocy candidly assessed Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s performance during the latest GOP primary debate.

The debate, which took place on the previous night, marked a significant moment in the 2024 presidential race.

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Doocy critiques Ramaswamy’s debate performance

Doocy, a seasoned journalist and co-host of the popular morning show ‘Fox and Friends,’ did not mince words in his critique.

He remarked, “Vivek was embarrassing. You know, he just came in too hot once again. He got booed a number of times,” highlighting the reception Ramaswamy received from the audience. 

Doocy’s straightforward evaluation continued with a ranking of the candidates’ performances, where he placed Ramaswamy last among the participants, saying, “I would give Vivek Ramaswamy fourth place, only because he was the fourth person there.”

Ramaswamy’s fiery tactics in Alabama debate attracts boos

The debate was a heated affair, full of intense exchanges and bold statements. During the event, which took place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Ramaswamy, known for his outspoken and often controversial stance, took a direct jab at former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In a dramatic gesture, he held up a legal pad with the words “NIKKI = CORRUPT” boldly written, a move that triggered a wave of loud boos from the crowd.

This act was symbolic of Ramaswamy’s aggressive style throughout the debate.

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Ramaswamy clashes with Christie, delves into controversial topics in debate

Ramaswamy’s interactions weren’t limited to Haley. He also engaged in a verbal spar with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

In one of the more memorable moments, Ramaswamy told Christie to leave the stage and “go enjoy a nice meal,” showcasing his sharp rhetoric.

Additionally, Ramaswamy delved into contentious topics, including unproven theories about the events of January 6, climate change, and immigration policies.

These topics are at the forefront of national debates, and Ramaswamy’s views added fuel to the ongoing discourse.

Ramaswamy’s uphill battle in GOP primary against prominent contenders

In the broader context of the Republican primary race, Ramaswamy’s position is noteworthy but challenging.

He trails behind prominent figures like Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Both Haley and DeSantis are themselves trailing by double digits behind the GOP front-runner, former President Donald Trump.

This dynamic illustrates the competitive and often unpredictable nature of the primary race.

Aggressive debating tactics shape 2024 GOP presidential primaries

The 2024 GOP primary debates are critical in shaping the party’s direction and choice of a presidential candidate.

Candidates like Ramaswamy, known for their aggressive debate styles, contribute to the vibrant and sometimes contentious atmosphere of these debates.

Their performances, as highlighted by commentators like Steve Doocy, are dissected and discussed widely, influencing public perception and, potentially, the outcome of the primaries.

Media’s influence on heated GOP nomination race

As the race for the Republican nomination heats up, the importance of these debates and the candidates’ performances cannot be overstated.

The comments from figures like Doocy offer a glimpse into the media’s perception of the candidates and their chances in what promises to be a highly competitive and closely watched election cycle.

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