Service members, Veterans vow to hold military leaders accountable for vaccine mandate

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More than 200 active service members and veterans have penned an open letter, published on Jan. 1, seeking accountability for the alleged harm caused by the Department of Defense’s (DOD) implementation of the now-rescinded COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

The letter, directed to the American people, calls out specific senior military leaders for enabling what the signers claim to be lawlessness and a betrayal of the Constitution.

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Military leaders under scrutiny for COVID-19 Vaccine mandate 

The signatories name former and current joint chiefs of staff, service academy commandants, service inspectors, and service surgeon generals. 

The letter outlines the signers’ commitment to running for Congress and executive branch offices, pledging to recall retired military leaders who broke the law and convene courts-martial for their alleged crimes. 

Several signatories, now veterans running for political offices, vow to introduce legislation to reduce retirement income to zero for those deemed responsible.

Signers voice concerns on rights and military trust crisis.

Among the 231 signers, many are still on active duty, risking personal repercussions to defend what they perceive as their unalienable rights. 

The signers express concern about the alleged trampling of constitutional rights and are taking a stand against what they consider a crisis of trust within the country’s military.

Cmdr. Robert A. Green, Jr., the author of the open letter, emphasizes its nature as a “Declaration of Military Accountability,” drawing inspiration from the founding fathers who mutually pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the Declaration of Independence. 

The goal is not separation but restoration through accountability, echoing the sentiments of the nation’s foundational principles.

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Ex-Army Colonel draws parallels in military opposition to vaccine mandate

Former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Bradley Miller sees deliberate parallels to the Declaration of Independence, stating that the signatories believe the military has suffered a long train of abuses culminating in the unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

The letter represents a pledge to resist the perceived self-destruction of the military, emphasizing a duty to lawfully resist what they see as a threat to the institution.

Cmdr. Green points out the lack of personal risk senior military leaders feel due to legal doctrines like the Feres Doctrine. 

He hopes the letter prompts a reevaluation, introducing personal financial and legal risk into the decision-making process for policies affecting constitutional rights.

Signatories demand acknowledgment and accountability

Mr. Miller emphasizes the signatories’ demand for unequivocal acknowledgment of the alleged unlawful nature of the COVID-19 shot mandate and the harm it caused. 

He stresses the need for full accountability and complete restitution for those harmed by what they consider criminal activity. 

Without this reckoning, he argues, the military may not recover from the ongoing situation.  

The signatories clarify that they are not advocating violence. Instead, they decry the perceived harm inflicted on service members and their families through the mandate. 

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Veterans demand justice amidst vaccine mandate concerns

They express a strong commitment to strict adherence to the law and a tireless pursuit of justice to restore what they see as wayward armed forces.

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According to Mr. Miller, the U.S. military’s unique mission involves carrying out violence on behalf of the American people. 

He questions how trust can be maintained when the military allegedly violates the law and harms its members. 

The signatories demand acknowledgment of the mandate’s alleged unlawful and detrimental effects on service members.

Veteran opposes military vaccine mandate in open letter

Lt. Col. Carolyn Rocco, with over 20 years of service in the Air Force, views the letter as a promise to the American people and a way to inform military leaders about the persistent adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

She hopes the letter encourages faith in the military’s integrity and serves as a wake-up call to leaders who may ignore the mandate’s consequences.

The signatories, including active-duty military members and veterans, seek accountability and restoration of trust within the military. 

U.S. military’s call for accountability and constitutional adherence

Their open letter, echoing the principles of the Declaration of Independence, emphasizes the importance of personal and institutional accountability to ensure the military’s adherence to constitutional rights and principles. 

The ongoing situation raises questions about leadership, accountability, and the path to recovery for the U.S. military.

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