Sen Kennedy’s jab at VP Harris draws heavy backlash

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Recent remarks by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana during a Fox News appearance have stirred a significant online controversy.

Senator Kennedy’s comments about Vice President Kamala Harris have drawn sharp criticism from several quarters, including the White House and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

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Kennedy references public polls

Speaking on “The Story” with host Martha MacCallum, Senator Kennedy referred to the current public opinion polls, highlighting the disapproval ratings of both Vice President Harris and President Biden.

While clarifying that he was not expressing a personal view, he said, “I’m not saying that this is accurate, but I can read a poll, and the American people have concluded that President Biden is old, and he needs soup and an early bedtime.”

Kennedy takes a swipe at Harris’s IQ

Furthermore, the Senator made a controversial comment about Vice President Harris’s capabilities, stating, “They have concluded that Vice President Harris is not capable — that when her IQ gets to 75, she should sell.

Again, I’m not saying that’s fair or accurate, but that’s the conclusion today that the American people have reached. They’re pretty disgusted.”

This statement, which was perceived as a derogatory remark about Harris’s intelligence, quickly prompted responses from various political figures.

Kennedy’s comments labeled as ‘shameful and undignified’

On X, formerly known as Twitter, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates and DNC Chair Jaime Harrison expressed their disapproval. Bates described Kennedy’s comments as “Shameful and undignified,” suggesting that such remarks significantly diminish one’s credibility.

Harrison, in his response, offered a pointed critique of Kennedy’s record in comparison to Vice President Harris’s contributions, stating, “Guess Senator Foghorn is a bit upset that our VP has done more for the working families of Louisiana than he has done over the entirety of his unproductive senate career.”

Kennedy’s office offers no further comments

Senator Kennedy’s office did not provide any comments when approached by Fox News Digital for a response on Wednesday.

During his appearance, Senator Kennedy also criticized the Biden administration’s policies, describing them as leaning towards a “neo-socialist, woke wing, loon wing of the Democratic Party.”

Kennedy questions effectiveness of Biden admin policies

He argued that the American populace, though financially worse off under President Biden, are aware of the issues facing the country. He cited concerns such as the open border, inflation, rampant crime, and global conflicts, including the ongoing war in Ukraine and tensions in the Middle East and China.

Kennedy implied that these issues led the public to question the current administration’s effectiveness.

The response to Kennedy’s comments has highlighted the polarized nature of American politics, with figures from both parties engaging in sharp exchanges.

Public Opinion and Political Narrative

The incident underscores the deep divisions and the intense scrutiny under which public figures, particularly in the realms of politics and governance, operate.

These exchanges also reflect the broader national discourse on political leadership and accountability, with public opinion playing a significant role in shaping the narrative.

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen how these comments will impact the political landscape and the public perception of both the Biden administration and Senator Kennedy’s standing within the political spectrum.

The controversy also raises questions about the tone and nature of political discourse in the current era, where statements made by public officials are closely analyzed and often lead to swift and widespread reactions across various platforms.

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