Rep. Gaetz mentions economic growth, spending cuts as solutions for Social Security under Trump

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At a Team Trump event in Keene, New Hampshire, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) spoke about former President Donald J. Trump’s potential approach to the Social Security Trust Fund’s projected insolvency. 

Gaetz suggested that economic growth could be vital in addressing the issue. “If we have sufficient growth in our economy, we’ll be able to meet our needs,” he stated. 

Social security debate, focal point in Trump-Haley campaign rivalry

This comes amid concerns with the Congressional Budget Office projecting the depletion of the Social Security Trust Fund by 2032.

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The campaign has spotlighted differences between Trump and his rival, Nikki Haley, particularly on Social Security.

Trump has criticized Haley’s proposal to raise the retirement age, asserting the need to protect seniors’ benefits. 

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Trump’s populist approach to unidentified aerial phenomena

“You earned it,” he stated in New Hampshire. Gaetz further discussed the need for substantial reductions in non-defense discretionary spending, including programs outside Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Gaetz, who participated in a congressional hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), opined on the likelihood of greater disclosure under a second Trump administration. 

“President Trump always favors disclosure. I haven’t specifically talked to him about UAPs. But typically, he’s somebody who believes we ought to get more in front of the people because he’s a populist,” he said.

Biden’s absence and Dean Phillips’ energy

Commenting on the Democratic primary, Gaetz noted the energy surrounding Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, who he believes poses a significant challenge to President Joe Biden. 

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“If Joe Biden ever debated Dean Phillips, Dean Phillips would win the Democratic nomination,” Gaetz asserted, pointing to the dynamic shift within the Democratic race.

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DeSantis’ suspension and endorsement of Trump

The news of Governor Ron DeSantis suspending his campaign and endorsing Trump was a significant development at the event. 

“Welcome home, Ron,” Gaetz remarked, indicating a unified MAGA front. This endorsement came soon after Vivek Ramaswamy exited the race and before the New Hampshire primary.

Jimmy Tempesta’s reaction and restaurant’s history

Jimmy Tempesta, founder and owner of Tempesta’s Restaurant, expressed surprise and approval of DeSantis’ decision to endorse Trump. 

Reflecting on his journey, Tempesta shared, “I started in ’94 in a little tiny restaurant, and I’ve been at this location for four years now. I’ve kept getting bigger and bigger.” 

Describing himself as the embodiment of the American Dream, he expressed hope for a visit from President Trump, emphasizing his support for small businesses and individuals.

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