Red Tea Detox Review – Does It Really Work?


When a desperate, overweight mother decided she’d had enough of feeling miserable, she took matters into her own hands. She went all the way to dangerous Africa to get her hands on a cup of tea. This unreal story is the backstory behind the most popular detox diet on the internet, the Red Tea Detox. We are about to break things down with this Red Tea Detox review for you. We’ll show you why people are rushing online to get their hands on this breakthrough detox system.

Red Tea Detox Review – the Backstory to It All

The creator of the Red Tea Detox is a woman named Liz Swann Miller. No, she isn’t some Hollywood-created mother like the type you see on reality liz swann red tea detoxTV. Liz is a bona fide naturopath and a bestselling author on Amazon. Naturopaths believe in the use of natural remedies to treat sickness and disease. Over the last 20 years, they’ve exploded onto the scene.

As more and more people lose faith in medical science, they are turning to people like Liz Swan Miller to help them lead healthy lives. But it was a dangerous trip through the jungles of West Africa that gave her the breakthrough herb.

She’s now transformed it into the Red Tea Detox system. Liz even encountered a snake, a very dangerous snake that almost killed her, according to her video.

That’s the reality behind how Liz came to create her breakthrough detox. She’s now using a herbal tea that has been used by the tribesmen and women of West Africa for thousands of years. Through her work, Liz has helped over 14,793 women and men around the world to lose weight.

Liz has offered up herself as proof. In the video she claims that she lost 7 pounds in 7 days using the exact detox system that she offers in the Red Tea Detox.

So what is it, exactly?

Red Tea Detox Review – The Detox Revealed

the-red-tea-detox-reviewDetoxing as you know is amazingly popular these days. Hollywood celebrities, media personalities, even politicians are now using detox as a way to cleanse their bodies. They use detoxing to lose weight and live fulfilling, happy lives. Liz seems to have packaged these outcomes into a neat and handy program that helps people who want to cleanse and lose weight.

The Red Tea Detox is all about the tea, but it also gives very helpful information about dieting and exercise. This is perhaps one of the more surprising elements in the whole Red Tea Detox program. Many detox programs, as you may already know are bare bones.

Many just give you a short recipe along with a list of local stores to get your ingredients. Most don’t even give you clear guidance as to how to implement the system and this is where Liz Swann Miller and the Red Tea Detox Shines.

Red Tea Detox Review – What You Get In the Package

Red Tea Detox Main Guide

red-tea-detox-scamThe main guide is where Liz has put all the information you need to make the best of the Red Tea Detox. In there you’ll find the special blended recipe that Liz learned from the bush people in West Africa. Special instructions about blending, even stirring is included to help with getting the tea detox to work right for you.

The main guide is accompanied by a comprehensive meal plan. This meal plan can easily justify the outlay for the product for it saves you from scratching your head about what to eat.

This, as you know, can be a challenge for most of us. Especially when we have to work hard and look after our families. The meal plan is a welcomed help in methodically moving from one meal to the next, from one day to the next.

For those people who prefer to listen, other than read, the Red Tea Detox program includes audio meal plans. You can familiarize yourself with the plans as you listen on your way to work, or even as you do your normal house cleaning. The audio component of the program is a welcome break in a market where many meal plans are no more than a few items on a list.

Red Tea Detox Bonus Pack

The bonus pack inside the Red Tea Detox program is extensive. There is the 5X detox methods of fabulous celebrities. This is a front row seat to the detoxing methods and systems of Hollywood’s elites. The bonus package also includes a weight loss hypnosis audio program.

This audio program is adoes red tea detox work welcomed addition given the lack of supporting materials that many weight loss programs always seem to have. This proves, in our opinion, that Liz has taken the effort to go above and beyond what is standard.

But the package doesn’t end there.

Liz also throws in a guide book for 100 green smoothies, as well as s guide detailing the ultimate superfoods that are available for your consumption right now.

Red Tea Detox Scam? – Final Opinion

Red Tea Detox is revolutionary for what it brings to the table. Many detox programs rely on the standard ingredients. Liz Swann Miller has actually risked being bitten a snake in order to get her hands on a herb that has worked for African bush people for thousands of years. Her effort alone deserves a moment of exploration, at least.

But aside from that, this Red Tea Detox review has highlighted the number of bonus products that sits alongside an already well-researched product. The red tea now joins the growing list of awesome herbs that are helping people in the West eradicate toxins from their bodies.

For that we believe the Red Tea Detox program is worth exploring. Take a look at it here.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars 

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