Raskin warns Trump will try to ‘overturn’ the election again if defeated

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On Sunday, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) sounded a warning, asserting that former President Trump would attempt to “overturn” the election again if he faces defeat in the 2024 race. 

Raskin’s remarks come from recent decisions by Maine and Colorado to remove Trump from their 2024 ballots under the 14th Amendment.

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Raskin cautions on labeling Trump “martyr’ amid constitutional concerns

Raskin, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” refrained from labeling Trump a “martyr” due to Maine’s decision.

He emphasized the need to consider the constitutional implications and questioned whether allowing Trump to remain on the ballot, despite his alleged incitement of insurrection, could lead to another attempt to overturn election results.

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Upholding Constitution amidst Trump’s appeal

Highlighting Trump’s disqualification under the 14th Amendment, Raskin stressed the importance of upholding the Constitution. 

Trump has pledged to appeal the decisions in both Colorado and Maine, indicating that the final resolution might rest with the Supreme Court.

Constitutional challenges and state autonomy

Raskin delved into the complexities of Trump’s case, arguing that the Supreme Court faces a challenging decision.

He pointed out the tension between constitutional federalism, allowing states control over their ballot access, and the unique nature of electing the president, who represents the entire country.

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Raskin sights urgency for Supreme Court action on state autonomy

Underlining the principle of state autonomy in determining ballot access, Raskin acknowledged the difficulty in navigating the balance between state control and the national significance of the presidency. 

The urgency, according to Raskin, lies in the Supreme Court’s prompt action.

Raskin anticipates challenges in Supreme Court’s task

Expressing skepticism about the Supreme Court’s task, Raskin anticipated challenges, especially if there’s an inclination to keep Trump on the ballot. 

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He suggested that some justices might find it challenging to reconcile this with democratic principles, hinting at the potential tension within the court.

Raskin warns of potential turmoil and complexity in 2024 election

Raskin’s warnings paint a picture of potential election turmoil in 2024 if Trump faces exclusion from state ballots. 

The intersection of constitutional interpretation, Trump’s legal challenges, and the Supreme Court’s role sets the stage for a complex and contentious electoral landscape. 

As the legal battles unfold, the nation awaits decisions that could significantly impact the dynamics of the upcoming election.

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