Protesters gather at Pelosi’s home, calling for Israel-Hamas cease-fire

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Protesters converged outside former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) San Francisco residence on Sunday, advocating for a cease-fire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

The demonstration, organized by Code Pink, a group known for its anti-war stance, aimed to pressure Pelosi and President Joe Biden to support a cease-fire as the conflict nears its two-month duration.

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Rally for Pelosi’s support of cease-fire, condemn U.S complicity in war crime

The organizers emphasized the importance of Pelosi’s endorsement of a cease-fire, urging her to listen to her constituents and join fellow lawmakers advocating for peace.

The three-hour rally began at 9 a.m. and was marked by a call for the U.S. government to avoid complicity in what they termed “genocide and other war crimes.”

Organizer denounces U.S. war profiteering, urges diplomatic resolution

“Our government must not be complicit in genocide and other war crimes. Congress enabling huge profits for the U.S. war industry is wrong.”

“There is no military solution to this conflict. The U.S. should support diplomacy, not revenge,” organizer Cynthia Papermaster said in a statement.

Thousands march for diplomacy over military action, criticize Congress

Cynthia Papermaster, one of the organizers, criticized Congress for enabling profits in the U.S. war industry and advocated for diplomatic solutions over military retaliation.

The rally was part of a broader movement, with thousands reportedly marching in San Francisco over the weekend in support of a cease-fire.

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Protests at Pelosi’s home demand cease-fire, show solidarity for Palestinian

Fox affiliate KTVU broadcast footage showing dozens of protesters outside Pelosi’s home, displaying signs favoring a cease-fire.

NBC Bay Area also showed images of the protest, with participants marching and some carrying the Palestinian flag.

The Hill reported reaching out to Pelosi’s office for a comment on the demonstration.

Democratic leaders targeted in protests demanding cease-fire support

This protest is part of a series of demonstrations targeting Democratic leaders, urging support for a cease-fire.

While a growing number of Democrats have publicly backed a cease-fire, the Biden administration has not officially supported this stance.

U.S. pushes for ‘humanitarian pauses’ amidst ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict

Instead, it has called for more targeted “humanitarian pauses” while Israel seeks the release of hostages.

The Israel-Hamas war has been marked by significant violence and casualties.

Hamas’ surprise attack leads to heavy casualties in Israel-Gaza conflict

It began with a surprise attack by Hamas on Oct. 7, prompting an Israeli campaign against the Palestinian militant group.

The Gaza Health Ministry reported approximately 1,200 casualties in Israel from the October attack and over 15,000 deaths in Gaza due to Israeli strikes.

Truce in Israel-Hamas conflict ends, debate over resolution strategy continues

The conflict saw a weeklong truce for the release of some hostages, which ended on the Friday preceding the protest.

These developments reflect the intense and ongoing debate over the best approach to resolve the Israel-Hamas conflict, with opinions divided both within the United States and internationally.

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