Pompeo Criticizes U.S. Foreign Policy, Supports Israel Amidst Hamas Attacks

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By Laura Simmons

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the Biden administration’s foreign policy, alleging that its approach of “appeasement” and perceived weakness has emboldened Hamas in its attacks on Israel. Speaking on FOX News, Pompeo condemned the “grotesque and barbaric” actions of Hamas, including kidnappings, rapes, and bombings.

Pompeo expressed hope that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would continue to defend Israel against these attacks and urged the Biden administration not to hinder Israel’s efforts. He emphasized that both the United States and Israel share the duty to protect their citizens.

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Highlighting the seriousness of the situation, Pompeo mentioned that Americans are currently held hostage by Hamas, a group backed by Iran and that 11 Americans have already been killed. He criticized President Biden for not clearly warning Hamas about the consequences of further harm to American citizens.

Drawing a comparison to former President Donald Trump’s response to Iran-backed rebel attacks on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Pompeo argued that America’s strong stance held Iran accountable for any harm caused to Americans. He refuted claims that such actions would lead to “World War III,” pointing out that these warnings did not escalate tensions.

Pompeo contended that American appeasement and weakness, rather than standing with Israel, were factors contributing to the conflict. He called for unwavering American support for Israel until Hamas is defeated, and the Iranian regime recognized Israel’s determination with American backing.

Regarding the release of $6 billion to Iran from a South Korean account, Pompeo found it “illogical” that the U.S. appeared to be paying ransom to terrorists. He criticized those who espoused a “Blame America First” mindset, including individuals supporting Hamas, which he deemed “indecent.”

Pompeo also addressed statements made by members of the “Squad” in Congress, who referred to Israel as an “apartheid state.” He found it illogical to blame Israel for the conflict, given the circumstances and called for accountability among lawmakers.

In conclusion, Pompeo’s remarks underscored the need for strong U.S. support for Israel in the face of Hamas attacks and criticized what he perceived as a misguided approach to foreign policy by the Biden administration.

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