Piano For All Review – Best Piano Course Out There?

piano for all review

It wasn’t too long ago that people who wanted to learn the piano had to be rich and well connected. To compound matters, learning often involved years of dedicated training, usually with a master. Needless to say this resulted in only the privileged few ever attaining any sort of training worth speaking about.

All that has changed with the development of training courses like piano for all. But some people are skeptics; some believe it is almost impossible to learn the piano from the comfort of their home. We are about to reveal if that is true inside this piano for all review.

Piano For All Review – The Cost Advantagepiano for all scam

One of the biggest advantages that piano for all brings to the table is the cost advantage. We won’t shock you with the price just yet, but suffice it to say, what the developer is charging for the course could easily be a single lesson paid to some piano instructor — who probably won’t deliver that training for more than an hour.

This cost advantage offered by piano for all is one of the most compelling reasons for exploring the course in the first place. It definitely brings the conversation closer to the “why” of in-home piano training. Of course in reviewing the product we were mindful that some people would still need to overcome the misgivings of learning piano from an ebook. But this is where piano for all really shines!

Piano For All Review – The Lessons

piano for all downloadThe creator of the piano for all program has done what many have failed to do in their attempt at teaching music lessons remotely. By bringing together the full effects of media, the creator has provided the right visual environment and stimulation for learning the piano. The lessons are delivered by two main means.

Lessons By Text & Graphics

Piano for all is led firstly by a series of ebooks which cover the fundamentals of piano training. The ebooks are well-presented and come with rich illustrations which guide the students along in a logical, well ordered manner. The books themselves are 10 in number and cover the following:

Chord magic

Ballad style

Party time, along with Play by ear and Rhythm piano

Jazz piano made easy

Blues and Rock & Roll

Advanced blues along with Fake stride

Speed learning

Taming the classics

Advanced chords

And a Resource book

Embedded audio and videospiano for all review

Piano for all includes embedded audio and video lessons to accompany each lesson laid out in the ebooks. This is where the remoteness of learning is completely eliminated, freeing up the learners attention for the more creative aspects of learning piano.

These video and audio accompaniments are well presented and show the expert training that the developer would have honed in order to make the course workable for learners. We didn’t get a sense in listening to the audio or watching the video that the creator wasn’t an expert. All in all the video and audio is fluid and well-constructed.

Piano For All Review – Lesson Impressions

We found the lessons lucid and straightforward. The creator has gone to considerable lengths to make sure that the potential student is not confused by terminology. The book on Chord magic, for instance, has been stripped of any real reference to the fundamentals of melody. This showed us at least that the creator understands that a student would only muddle the two elements in learning, thus slowing them down.

does piano for all workThe key lessons, standard types such as the C, F and G keys, are well illustrated and make for a smooth understanding of the way music works. As a matter of fact, the fundamentals are easily one of the big advantages that bring the program together in a meaningful way.

Piano For All Review – Final Thoughts

Remember the cost reference we made at the start? Let’s close the loop on that right now. The cost for the digital version of Piano for All is a measly $40. We say measly because most piano teachers will charge at least that for a one hour lesson. This makes Piano for all one of the best options out there for anyone learning to play the piano. The course is accessible and affordable. And to top it all off, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is a course that any serious aspirant to piano skill should check out. Do so by clicking here for the official website.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

piano for all review

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