Old School New Body Review – Can It Make You Look Younger?

does old school new body work

Whenever you see a fitness or exercise program advertised it’s usually presented by very ripped, young people. But what about the older folks? What about the guy or gal that has gone past 40 and still yearns for a little glory with their body? Old School New Body is the fitness and exercise program that was designed to answer these questions. Its creators are older people themselves and they have a personal stake in showing people that the system works. We’ve taken a look at it ourselves and we are about to launch into our very own Old School New Body Review. Stick around; this ride will be fast paced, but on point…

Old School New Body Review – The Muscular Backstory steve-holman-and-becky-holman-old-school-new-body

The Old School New Body fitness system was created by Steve and Becky Holman. The two have been married for years and have a history in bodybuilding. Steve used to be an editor for the popular weightlifting and muscle building magazine called Iron Man. It was while he worked there that Steve noticed that a very successful fitness trainer called Vince Gironda, was making a killing. Vince was using a strategy of high repetition to help sculpt some of the most beautiful bodies in Hollywood.

After a successful run, Vince left the business,  and unfortunately passed away. Steve got a chance to look through the documentation for Vince’s system after the latter had his work stored at the Iron Magazine office.

From there the story gets bulky because Steve and Becky decided to create the universally loved program that is Old School New Body.

does old school new body workOld School New Body Review – The Fitness Program for Older People

From its initial release Old School New Body has been a sensation among people 35 and up. This was no accident. Old School New Body was designed to be a youth-enhancing, body-shaping system for mature men and women. This was a refreshing departure from the norm of fitness products for guys and gals in their 20s and since launch the program has been a success. But why?

From our perspective the Old School New Body fitness system succeeds because it taps directly into the needs and ambitions of its audience. People in their late 30s and 40s are busy people and so they need a training program that caters to them specifically. A training program targeted to 35s and over need to be tailored to the peculiar conditions of those 35+ bodies. Diet and mental considerations are also important and these are the key areas that we feel the system excels in.

But enough about generalities, let’s take a look at the system itself.

Old School New Body Review – The F4X Workout

The main thrust of the Old School New Body system is the F4X Workout catalogue. F4X stands for “Focus-4 Exercises” and they represent the core exercise routines that the developers of the program are most beneficial.

The core four are:

1) Squats

2) Incline presses

3) Bent over rows

4) Upright rows

The system has been created with flexibility and pace in mind and comes with individual workout plans that incorporate the core four routines. This is a big advantage for the program and its users especially, as it provides massive flexibility. The spread across workout plans gives users the progressive benefits of changing intensity, all while maintaining the core exercises for maximum benefit.

Old School New Body Review – The Progressive Workout PlansOld School New Body Review

F4X Lean

The jump-off routine for users of the F4X system is the F4X Lean workout plan. This is the easiest of the routines and for good reason. It’s designed to ease the bodies of over-35 users into the body-sculpting tests down the road. The exercises are progressive and should take no more than 30 minutes for about 3 times a week. The short duration and low frequency is ideal for busy people who often can’t find more time than that. The most important benefit of the F4 Lean plan, however, is the stage it sets for the next workout plan in the system. Users who fully take on the routines in this initial plan have a stronger chance of success. This we feel, makes the Old School New Body a solid value, especially for people who haven’t taken diet and exercise seriously for various reasons.

F4X Shape

The next phase under the Old School New Body training system is the F4X Shape. This is where the sculpting starts. The exercises in this phase are more intense, though the intervals are the same. No more than 30 minutes are prescribed for the routines, and they should be done over the same period, around 3 times a week. What we liked about the layout of the guide for this phase was that it takes into account the progressive nature of phase one. By attaching some progression to the same 4 exercise groups in this phase, the developers have ensured ease of transfer. In other words, users won’t miss a beat leveling up to the second phase.

old school new body sex secretsF4X Build

The final workout phase for the Old School New Body system is F4X Build. This is easily the section that users will get the most benefit from. This is the high intensity phase of the program. The squats are harder, the rowing is more demanding, and you put in more work generally. But here’s the thing. No other phase, or program that we’ve come across, lets older people get ripped faster. Make it to this stage with some diligence and the developers will take you by the hand and make your body into a specimen. All the information, tips and strategies are there. This helps your body’s natural craving to get ripped, hands down.

Old School New Body Review – Should You Consider Getting It?becky-before-after-old-school-new-body

We like Old School New Body for its compact program and progressive ease of use. We think you’ll like it for that reason too which is why we have rated it highly when compared to other programs we’ve reviewed. In analyzing the program for defects we found insufficient evidence to merit many caveats. The program has also built up a strong reputation among older users and it has longevity. Many of the programs we review here are current, that is, created in 2018. Old School New Body has been going strong for years with no signs of a slowdown. Old School New Body is a solid choice among the plethora of fitness programs out there. Check it out.

Final Rating: 4.9 Stars

old school new body review

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