North Korea Voices Support for Hamas Amidst Israel Conflict

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By Laura Simmons

In an unexpected twist on the global stage, North Korea has thrown its support behind Hamas during the ongoing conflict with Israel. The reclusive nation, known for its isolationist policies, has taken an unusual step by expressing solidarity with the Palestinian group.

North Korean media outlets, including the state-affiliated Rodong Sinmun, have been vocal in their backing of Hamas. They depict the conflict as a “large-scale armed conflict” between Hamas and Israel, laying blame on Israel for what they call “ceaseless criminal actions against the people of Palestine.”

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This unlikely show of support comes as Israel has launched a series of intensive airstrikes on densely populated areas in Gaza, making it one of the most intense moments in the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel’s response follows a deadly attack on its towns by gunmen, prompting the nation to call up hundreds of thousands of reservists and place a total siege on Gaza.

North Korean media outlets are advocating for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as the “fundamental” solution to the conflict. This stance aligns with the nation’s long-standing diplomatic relations with Palestinian leaders dating back to 1966.

It’s worth noting that North Korea does not formally recognize Israel and, in 1988, recognized Palestinian authorities as the legitimate government of all Israeli territories.

As North Korea celebrates the 78th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea, state media has taken the opportunity to praise its supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, for his commitment to expanding the country’s military power.

This unusual development adds yet another layer of complexity to the already intricate geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, as North Korea’s backing of Hamas raises questions about the motivations and implications of this surprising alliance.

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