North Korea announces test of advanced solid-fuel missile with hypersonic warhead

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North Korea announced a successful test of a hypersonic missile, marking a significant development in its pursuit of advanced rocket technology. 

The test-firing is seen as part of Norther Korea’s efforts to bolster its nuclear arsenal and enhance its military capabilities against the United States and South Korea.

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Intermediate-range solid-fuel missile with hypersonic warhead test

On Sunday, North Korea conducted the test using an “intermediate-range solid-fuel ballistic missile” equipped with a hypersonic, maneuverable warhead. 

This achievement is crucial for North Korea’s military strategy, as it enables the country to possess missiles that can travel at speeds five times faster than the speed of sound.

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North Korea tests hypersonic warhead and solid-fuel missile capabilities

The primary objectives of the test were twofold. First, North Korean officials aimed to verify the effectiveness of the hypersonic warhead. 

Second, they sought to assess the performance of the solid-fuel engines powering the missile. 

Hypersonic missiles, unlike traditional ballistic missiles, are not only fast but also maneuverable during flight, making them more unpredictable and challenging to intercept.

Emerging threat of unpredictable hypersonic missiles

Hypersonic missiles represent a new frontier in missile technology. 

While traditional ballistic missiles can exceed the speed of sound, hypersonic rockets are far more versatile and lethal. They can change course mid-flight, making their trajectory less predictable. 

This unpredictability poses a significant challenge for defense systems.

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North Korea’s milestone in hypersonic missile development 

North Korea’s successful test is a notable milestone in its missile development program. 

Both China and Russia already possess hypersonic missiles in their military arsenals. 

The United States has been actively working on its hypersonic missile technology, recognizing its strategic advantages.

Kim Jong Un intensifies arms expansion and tensions, launches spy satellite 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been driving his country to expand its arms testing and production despite international pressure and sanctions. 

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Frequent missile tests and artillery shelling along the South Korean border have escalated tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Notably, North Korea achieved a significant milestone last year by launching its first-ever spy satellite into orbit with assistance from Russia. 

Moscow-Pyongyang deal escalates military tensions in Korean Peninsula

The White House confirmed that Moscow had entered into an agreement with North Korea, providing advanced technology to enhance its space and weapons programs in exchange for artillery shells and rockets.

North Korea’s latest success in hypersonic missile technology underscores its determination to advance its military capabilities, posing a challenge to regional security and international efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

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