Nikki Haley spends $4.3 million in TV ads for New Hampshire campaign

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Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley is outspending her opponents in New Hampshire, signaling a significant push for her campaign in the state.

A detailed analysis of Federal Communications Commission disclosures shows that leading GOP candidates have collectively spent over $7 million on television advertisements in the region, with Haley leading the pack.

Nikki Haley garners support from Silicon Valley
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Haley’s strategic ad campaign focuses on crucial New Hampshire markets

The analysis includes significant network affiliates in New Hampshire, covering market areas in Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, and Burlington, Vermont. 

Haley’s campaign, following her recent surge in national polling and endorsements from prominent political donors, has invested heavily, especially in the Boston area. 

She remains the only candidate advertising in the Portland-Auburn and Burlington-Plattsburgh markets through primary day. 

Her campaign has allocated over $4.3 million for TV appearances in the region until January 23, with over $3.8 million dedicated to Boston stations.

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New Hampshire’s pivotal role in primary elections and current poll trends

New Hampshire, a small state with land area and population, plays a crucial role in the primaries. With its citizens concentrated near the Massachusetts state line, southern New Hampshire is an outer suburb of the greater Boston area. 

The state’s primary, set for January 23, follows the Iowa Caucus on January 15. Current polls show Donald Trump leading with 44 percent support among likely voters, followed by Haley at 29 percent. 

The poll, conducted by CBS News and YouGov plc, indicates a margin of error of 5.5 percent.

Trump, DeSantis’ varied ad spending in New Hampshire primary

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While Trump leads in the state and national polls, his campaign is not actively buying ad time through primary day in New Hampshire. 

However, Trump’s campaign committee and super PAC have spent over $1.7 million on ads in Boston, ceasing on January 8. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, another critical figure in the race, has scaled back his ad investments in New Hampshire despite polling as high as 39 percent in June. 

His campaign spent around $500,000 on ads through November, with his main super PAC spending approximately $405,000 in Boston in the weeks leading to the primary.

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Christie, Ramaswamy’s modest campaign spending in New Hampshire

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s campaign, though focused on New Hampshire, is the smallest spender among the qualified candidates. 

His supporting super PAC has invested about $470,000 in Boston ads. Christie, polling between 5 and 15 percent, concentrates on New Hampshire and skipping the Iowa caucuses. 

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who has not invested in TV ads in New Hampshire markets, reached 13 percent support in a CNN and University of New Hampshire poll in September. He is currently focusing on personal voter appeals in Iowa.

Diverse ad strategies shape New Hampshire primary race

As the New Hampshire primary nears, the investment in advertisement campaigns reflects the strategies and priorities of the candidates. 

Haley’s significant spending indicates her focus on gaining traction in New Hampshire, while other candidates like Trump and DeSantis adopt different approaches. 

The dynamics of the campaign trail, combined with the candidates’ spending patterns, paint a complex picture of the race leading up to the crucial New Hampshire primary.

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