Nikki Haley Secures Major Endorsement for 2024 Presidential Bid

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By Mark Sullivan

In a significant development for the 2024 Republican primary, Nikki Haley, the former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor, has received a crucial endorsement from Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action, an anti-Trump group founded by billionaire Charles Koch.

AFP Action’s Support for Haley

AFP Action announced its support for Haley, committing to spend millions on advertisements to bolster her campaign.

Emily Seidel, a senior adviser to AFP Action, expressed in a memo to activists that Haley “represents a new generation of leadership” and offers a “bold, positive vision for our future.”

This endorsement positions Haley as a formidable contender against other Republican candidates.

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AFP Action’s Stance Against Trump

AFP Action, known for its opposition to former President Donald Trump, has stayed out of the presidential races in 2016 and 2020.

The group’s decision to endorse Haley marks a strategic move in the upcoming election, aiming to challenge Trump’s influence within the party.

Haley’s Response to the Endorsement

Responding to the endorsement, Haley expressed her gratitude, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming election and framing it as a choice between “freedom and socialism, individual liberty and big government.”

She acknowledged the support of AFP Action’s grassroots members and underlined the urgency of “saving” the country.

Trump’s Criticism of Haley

Before the endorsement announcement, Trump critiqued Haley on Truth Social, questioning her loyalty and effectiveness.

His remarks reflect the ongoing tensions within the Republican Party as different factions vie for influence and control.

DeSantis Campaign’s Reaction

Ron DeSantis’ campaign spokesman viewed the endorsement as alignment with the “pro-open borders, pro-jail break bill establishment,” casting doubt on Haley’s ability to challenge Trump effectively in the primaries.

Haley and other candidates like Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie aimed to make an impact in early primary states to weaken Trump’s support base.

However, their efforts have yet to dent Trump’s lead in the polls significantly.

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Trump’s Dominance in Polls

Despite facing multiple criminal cases, Trump’s support in the polls has grown, with a substantial lead over other candidates.

Recent surveys indicate Haley’s rise in states like New Hampshire and South Carolina, but she still trails behind Trump.

President Trump continues to garner significant endorsements from prominent Republican figures, adding to his strength as a candidate.

Haley’s Outlook and Recent Controversy

Despite the challenging poll numbers, Haley remains optimistic about her campaign’s momentum.

She has recently been critical of Trump’s divisive influence and his recent appearance in South Carolina.

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