Nikki Haley labels Ramaswamy as ‘not a serious candidate,’ says ‘It’s not worth dealing with Vivek.’

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In the aftermath of the fourth GOP primary debate, presidential candidate Nikki Haley dismissed fellow contender Vivek Ramaswamy, labeling him a non-serious candidate and refuting his criticisms about her campaign funding.

During a post-debate interview on “Fox & Friends,” Haley articulated her stance on the evolving dynamics of the Republican primary race.

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Credit: DepositPhotos

Nikki Haley reflects on debate success and strategy

“Last night, it was — it was very clear. We’re surging in the polls. Every one of those guys sees it, and they showed it,” Haley stated, reflecting on her performance in the debate.

She emphasized her strategic approach, saying, “But we’re picking and choosing our battles.” Haley’s comments indicate her rising confidence in the race, as she sees herself gaining traction among GOP voters.

Regarding Ramaswamy, Haley intended to distance herself from engaging with his accusations.

Nikki Haley focuses on ‘more pressing issues,’ ignores Ramaswamy’s claims

“It’s not worth us dealing with Vivek. He keeps saying I’m a military contractor. I’ve never been a military contractor. He keeps saying all these things that I’ve never done,” she elaborated.

“But I’m not going to sit there and give him one more second. He’s proven he’s not a serious candidate. So, I’m not going to deal with him anymore.”

This response comes as Haley aims to focus on more pressing issues in her campaign rather than responding to Ramaswamy’s claims.

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Nikki Haley emphasizes independence from donor influence

Addressing the topic of campaign funding and potential influences, Haley was forthright about her interactions with donors.

She insisted that her policy positions remain uninfluenced by donor contributions. “When they come to me, they ask me what my views are. I don’t ever ask them what their views are. They ask me what my views are,” Haley said.

She underscored her track record, noting, “They know I’m tough on China. They saw the work that I did as governor. They know what I did at the U.N.”

Haley refutes claim of donors seeking favors, faces attacks in debate

Haley also denied suggestions that her campaign donors expect favors in return.

“No one sits there and asks for anything. Make no mistake. These fellows, they take every bit of that support if it was going to them,” she added, reinforcing a point she had made during the debate. “They’re just jealous that it’s coming to me.”

Throughout the debate, Haley found herself at the center of many attacks from her opponents, signaling their perception of her as a formidable candidate.

Nikki Haley’s determination in the competitive GOP presidential race

Despite these challenges, Haley focuses on positioning herself as a strong contender in the GOP field.

The race for the GOP presidential nomination remains intense, with former President Trump leading in most national polls by a considerable margin.

Trump, a dominant figure in the party, did not participate in the Wednesday debate, leaving the stage for candidates like Haley and others to vie for the spotlight and momentum in their campaigns.

Competing strategies and rivalries in the GOP primaries

As the primaries unfold, the strategies and interactions among the candidates reveal the complexities and rivalries within the Republican Party.

Haley’s recent remarks and her performance in the debate illustrate her determination to solidify her position in the race despite the challenges posed by her competitors and the enduring influence of former President Trump.

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