Monica Lewinsky advocates for constitutional ban on presidential self-pardon

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Monica Lewinsky, in a recent op-ed for Vanity Fair, proposed a set of constitutional amendments aimed at strengthening democracy in the United States.

Her suggestions include imposing age limits on elected officials, preventing presidential self-pardons, and ensuring background checks for presidential candidates.

Lewinsky supports electoral reform, women’s rights, self-pardon ban

 Additionally, Lewinsky advocates for the abolition of the Electoral College and the establishment of constitutional rights for women’s reproductive choices.

Lewinsky’s call for a ban on presidential self-pardons directly references former President Trump, expressing concern over the potential misuse of power.

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No ‘get out of jail free’ card for presidents – Lewinsky

She firmly states, “Our Constitution is not a game of Monopoly. For the head of the executive branch, there should not be a ‘get out of jail free’ card.”

Lewinsky argues that allowing presidents to pardon themselves constitutes an abuse of power and undermines the principles of accountability and justice.

Lewinsky cites Katyal on Trump’s possible legal strategy

In her piece, Lewinsky quotes Neal Katyal, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University. Katyal highlights the possibility of Trump, who faces multiple criminal indictments, instructing the Department of Justice to drop federal charges against him.

This scenario, according to Katyal, would bypass the question of presidential pardon powers entirely.

Lewinsky concludes that these concerns should be addressed in future constitutional amendments regarding presidential pardons.

Lewinsky cites 14th Amendment’s role in disqualifying officials

The discussion around these amendments coincides with increased attention to the 14th Amendment, disqualifying individuals from public office for engaging in insurrections or aiding insurrectionists.

Lewinsky expresses surprise that this is the sole constitutional provision dealing with such disqualifications, describing it as “bonkers.”

The debate over presidential self-pardons has been ongoing among legal experts.

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Debate on self-pardons amid Trump’s criminal charges, 2024 presidential bid

While there’s no explicit prohibition, opinions are divided on whether such pardons would withstand legal scrutiny. Critics argue that self-pardons contradict the foundational principles of a democratic justice system.

Trump, who leads the Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election by a substantial margin, is currently facing 91 criminal charges across four separate indictments.

These include charges related to efforts to remain in office following his electoral defeat.

Lewinsky advocates for retirement age for elected officials

Lewinsky also addresses the issue of age in elected office without directly naming President Joe Biden.

At 81, Biden is the oldest-serving U.S. president, while Trump is 77. Lewinsky advocates for a retirement age for elected officials, highlighting the long-term impact of decisions made by those in office.

Lewinsky proposes constitutional reforms for term limits, age in political leadership

She argues that term limits and age restrictions are necessary, considering the lasting influence these decisions can have on citizens, the nation, and the world.

Lewinsky’s op-ed presents a vision for constitutional reforms to safeguard American democracy. Her proposals touch on critical issues like presidential accountability, democratic safeguards, and the influence of age and tenure in political leadership.

These ideas contribute to the ongoing discourse on how to fortify the democratic process in the United States.

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