Moms for America Endorses Trump in 2024

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In a significant show of support for former President Donald Trump, the conservative family advocacy group Moms for America has officially endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential election.

The endorsement comes as the group cites the urgent need for strong leadership to defend American values and address American families’ challenges.

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The Call for Strong Leadership

Kimberly Fletcher, President of Moms for America, delivered the announcement on November 28, emphasizing the critical role of leaders willing to protect the nation, uphold the Constitution, and champion family values.

Fletcher stated, “What we need most right now are leaders who will protect our nation and the United States Constitution, defend the family, and stand for truth and common sense, even when it isn’t popular to do so.”

“We need leaders who are unafraid to fight for what’s right and who will put America first.”

Recognizing Trump’s Accomplishments

Moms for America highlighted several actions taken by President Trump during his time in office that they believe contributed to the betterment of the country:

President Trump took swift action to protect American children in schools by rescinding the controversial bathroom policy initiated by the previous administration, which allowed boys to use girls’ bathrooms.

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Ending Common Core

President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to halt Common Core academic standards and resisted efforts to nationalize the K-12 curriculum.

The Trump administration actively opposed left-wing efforts to introduce critical race theory into federal government training programs and supported a balanced approach to civics education.

Establishing the 1776 Commission

President Trump established the 1776 Commission, which emphasized a renewed commitment to the founding principles of liberty and equality.

President Trump implemented significant tax cuts and reduced regulations in his first year to alleviate the burden on hard-working Americans.

Energy Independence

Under his leadership, the United States achieved true energy independence for the first time in half a century, resulting in more affordable energy for American families.

President Trump consistently supported law enforcement and took measures to enhance public safety.

Border Security

The Trump administration addressed the border crisis with decisive action to secure the southern border while combatting threats such as sex trafficking and the fentanyl crisis.

President Trump made history by becoming the first sitting president to attend the March for Life, an annual pro-life rally advocating for the protection of the unborn.

Trump’s Strong Leadership Endorsed

Moms for America President Kimberly Fletcher praised Donald Trump as a warrior for American moms and the American Dream. She expressed confidence in Trump’s ability to stand up for freedom, fight for American values, and weather relentless attacks from his critics.

Leading in the Polls

The endorsement from Moms for America coincides with President Trump’s strong performance in GOP primary polls.

Recent polling data shows Trump leading by a significant margin among potential Republican primary voters, with 64 percent of support, compared to the second-place candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has 14 percent support.

Competitive Against President Biden

Furthermore, a recent Emerson College poll indicates that President Trump leads President Biden in hypothetical matchups, suggesting a shift in public sentiment. Trump received support from 47 percent of voters, while Biden was supported by 43 percent.

Enduring Popularity

President Trump’s enduring popularity among key voter groups, including Independents, is notable, with a four-percentage point lead among Independents, according to recent data from Morning Consult.

Moms for America’s endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 presidency reflects the group’s belief in his proven leadership and his commitment to defending American values, families, and freedoms.

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