Minneapolis teachers union reverses resolution on  Israel-Hamas war, say ‘we regret this’

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The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59 (MFT) is set to conduct a critical members-only meeting, addressing the repercussions of a resolution that has significantly impacted the Jewish community within the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) district.

This initiative follows an intense backlash triggered by the union’s previous resolution demanding the repeal of anti-boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) legislation, which was critiqued for stifling Palestinian speech rights.

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Minneapolis teachers union to address resolution impacting Jewish community

According to a flyer obtained by FOX News Digital, the union plans to convene on November 29 to “vote for a resolution acknowledging harm and affirming the purpose of our union.”

The flyer outlines the agenda: “At the Nov. 29 MFT meeting, members will introduce and speak in support of a resolution that acknowledges harm done to Jewish members, students, and families by the previously passed ‘Israel-Palestine’ resolution and reaffirms the purpose of our union.”

The union recognized that the initial resolution on October 25 deviated from MFT’s primary mission by omitting references to students or educators.

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MFT regrets ‘unnecessary division’ caused by Oct 25 resolution

MFT has openly admitted to causing “unnecessary division” within the community due to the Oct. 25 resolution.

The flyer emphasizes, “While it was not MFT members’ intent, the ‘Israel-Palestine’ resolution passed at our October 25 meeting harmed many Jewish members, students, and families while causing unnecessary division within our union. We regret this.”

The MFT’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict has drawn severe criticism from Jewish parents and other concerned citizens, who labeled it as “antisemitic and hostile.”


Jewish community’s response to antisemitism in Minnesota schools

In reaction, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas orchestrated a response.

Earlier this month, they drafted and dispatched a letter to interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox and the MPS school board strongly condemning the MFT’s actions.

This letter, endorsed by over 800 stakeholders, starts by portraying the current challenging situation for Jewish individuals.

It states, “This is a remarkably difficult time to be Jewish, but it is especially hard to be a Jewish teacher, student, or the parent of a Jewish child given the tremendous surge of antisemitism in our schools.”

Jewish community’s stand against antisemitism in Minnesota schools

The letter delves into the harsh realities faced by Jewish children in Minnesota, including bullying, gaslighting, harassment, threats, and even physical assaults purely based on their Jewish identity.

Further, the letter unambiguously criticizes the MFT’s resolution, deeming it “antisemitic and hostile to our children, MPS staff, and puts our larger community at further risk because of their Jewish identity.”

The situation has also personally affected Jewish families within the MPS.

Jewish parent’s take on MFT resolution in Minneapolis schools

Jeremy Cohen, a Jewish father of an MPS student, shared his perspective with FOX News Digital, highlighting the inappropriateness of the MFT resolution in the context of a teachers’ union.

Cohen expressed, “To be clear, I think I would feel the same way. I know I would feel the same way. Had the resolution been drafted in any other way? Because I just don’t think global politics has a place in the teachers union.”

This upcoming meeting and the resulting resolution are pivotal, not only for MFT but also for the broader MPS community, as they seek to navigate the complex interplay of educational policy, community relations, and global political stances.

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