Metabolic Cooking Review – Is The Lean Kitchen Queen A Scammer?

does metabolic cooking work

These days you can’t open your web browser without coming across some diet or nutritional program that doesn’t promise something spectacular. Half the time these programs don’t offer anything beyond fluff. The other half of the time you have to squeeze the program hard to get anything out of it. But not so with the metabolic cooking nutritional and diet program. We were so impressed with the creator’s bio that we decided to create this metabolic cooking review. Grab a coffee and ride along; we are about to see if the lean kitchen queen is really worth her spatula!

Metabolic-Cooking-Dave-Ruel-Karine-LosierMetabolic Cooking Review – Can Karine Losier Really Help People Lose Weight?

One of the tests we like to conduct here at is our test for substance in the creators of the programs we reviewed. Anyone can throw up a website these days so we’ve been especially cautious when taking a look at some of the programs we review. When we came across the metabolic cooking program we were no less cautious.

The first item of discovery we made about the program’s co-creator is that she, Karine Losier, has a degree in psychology. It isn’t just any degree, either. Karine, who goes by the alias “lean kitchen queen”, actually has a master’s degree.  We figured that anyone who’s devoted that much time to the study of the human mind must have an angle on nutrition. Our deep dive into the program proved just that.

Metabolic Cooking Review – The Ultimate Partnershipdoes metabolic cooking work

Not only did we discover that the co-creator of the metabolic cooking program was a scholar, we also found out that she’s teamed up with none other than Dave Ruel to create the program. We should have suspected that the master body builder, Dave Ruel had something to do with the program. This is the same guy who created the anabolic cooking program, a program we reviewed to high acclaim previously.

The partnership has added to the anabolic cooking craze, whilst simultaneously creating a solution for a broader audience. Where anabolic cooking was designed to help people bulk up with muscle, metabolic cooking was designed to help people lose weight and boost their nutrition. But does it work?

Metabolic Cooking Review – What Is This Special Type of Cooking?

Metabolic cooking was designed with a unique angle on weight loss. Instead of focusing on making a diet or meal plan system that is fad based, the creators decided to come at the whole thing from another angle. That angle involves a stricter adherence to first principles. Almost no one brings this up in their weight loss teaching we discovered. The absolute fundamentals of losing weight, counting calories, and exercising, seem to have disappeared from the minds of these gurus. We were happy to see Karine Losier and Dave Ruel bring those fundamentals back.

Metabolic Cooking Review – The Cookbooks That Is Changing the Game

The main engine for the power of the metabolic cooking system is the series of cookbooks that come as part of the program. There are 9 cookbooks in metabolic-cooking-scamtotal which range from proteins to smoothies. There are cookbooks for snacks, seafood, red meat, white meat, even side dishes.

This metabolic cooking system is comprehensive and we liked it for its immense variety. The truth is that on an individual level people like what they like. Any system that tries to lock in users is bound to fail a great many people. The metabolic cooking system takes this into account and adopts a broader approach. That way, meat eaters don’t have to pay the price because vegetarians are able to use the system.

Metabolic Cooking Review – David Does It Again With Awesome Bonuses

In the anabolic cooking program David Ruel gave more bonus guides than we’d had seen in a while. In this system he’s done it again, and arguable even better.

As part of the main download, David and Karine have tacked on several bonus guides. These guides including interesting titles as “the fat loss optimize,” a concise guide that allows users to unlock the key benefits of the main metabolic cooking system. Also included is a bonus guide titled “the thermos-charged seasoning guide.” This guide helps boosts the cooking power of regular foods by showing the combinations of seasoning that really help food pop. Another interesting bonus is the set of “quick sheets.” These act as a ready-reference to the system, allowing users to move quickly and smoothly from topic to topic and from instruction to instruction.

Final Thoughts – Metabolic Cooking ReviewMetabolic-Cooking-Reviews

We gladly gave the anabolic cooking system a 5 star rating and we won’t be shy in doing the same here. Metabolic cooking system is a well-researched and exceptionally well presented program. The system is delivered digitally and the carefully structured system of guides we found to be very helpful. The guides themselves are easy to read and follow. Best of all, the system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The metabolic cooking system is well worth checking out. Go here for the official website.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

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