Mayorkas criticizes impeachment as ‘politically motivated accusations and personal attacks’

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By Victoria Mangelli

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has issued a solid rebuttal to House Republicans’ impeachment efforts. 

In a comprehensive seven-page letter to House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green (R-Tenn.), Mayorkas combines personal reflections with precise counterarguments.

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Defending his record and addressing immigration enforcement

He reflects on his career and family background while methodically addressing each impeachment point.

House panel to take up Mayorkas impeachment as border talks face  conservative backlash | The Hill
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Mayorkas revisited his oath of office, which he has taken six times, from his role as an assistant U.S. attorney to his current Cabinet position. 

He strongly refuted Green’s claim of his failure to uphold this oath. Delving into his record as a top immigration enforcer, Mayorkas addressed the accusation of violating immigration laws by not detaining enough migrants. 

“You claim that we have failed to enforce our immigration laws. That is false,” Mayorkas stated, backing his defense with detailed statistics and actions taken since the Biden administration lifted Title 42.

Addressing policy disagreements and upholding immigration laws

In his letter, Mayorkas acknowledged the policy disagreements, especially regarding immigration, that have persisted over the years between administrations and Congress members. 

“Undoubtedly, we have policy disagreements on the historically divisive issue of immigration,” he wrote. 

Mayorkas also referred to Trump-era policies and expressed his belief in enforcing immigration laws in a manner that is both tough and humane.

Mayorkas’s journey and dedication to public service

As the first Department of Homeland Security secretary who immigrated to the U.S., Mayorkas’s potential impeachment would be a significant historical event. 

He emphasized his deep respect for law enforcement, a value instilled by his parents, who fled Communist Cuba. 

“My parents experienced such loss at the fisted hands of authoritarianism that the American law enforcement officer stood as a tangible symbol of safety and the rule of law in our new home,” Mayorkas explained, underscoring his motivation for public service and adherence to the Oath of Office.

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Mayorkas reacts to allegations of unresponsiveness

Mayorkas also addressed allegations of his office being unresponsive during the investigation. 

He pointed out the substantial amount of documentation his department provided to Congress, including over 20,000 pages of documents, with 13,000 going to Green’s committee. 

“Whatever proceedings you initiate, however baseless, my responsiveness to oversight requests will not waiver,” he affirmed.

Committee’s response and hearing schedule

Green criticized the timing of Mayorkas’s response, deeming it inadequate for a Cabinet secretary. 

Despite requests for Mayorkas to testify at a January 18 impeachment hearing, scheduling conflicts arose due to Mayorkas’s commitments to host a Mexican delegation for border issues discussions. 

Green did not adjust the hearing schedule, insisting on written testimony from Mayorkas.

Mayorkas reaffirms commitment to duties amidst impeachment debate

The letter concludes with Mayorkas expressing his unwavering dedication to his role, stating, “I assure you that your false accusations do not rattle me and do not divert me from the law enforcement and broader public service mission to which I have devoted most of my career and to which I remain devoted.” 

This statement reflects Mayorkas’s commitment to his duties amidst the ongoing impeachment debate.

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