Many Republicans favor a president with fewer constraints: Reuters/Ipsos poll

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A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll highlights a significant divide within the Republican Party regarding the limits of presidential power, potentially reflecting support for Donald Trump’s desire for minimal legal constraints if re-elected. 

The poll, which concluded this week, indicates that about half of Republican respondents believe the U.S. needs a strong president who can operate with less interference from courts and Congress. 

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Divided opinions on presidential authority

This sentiment comes as Trump, embroiled in numerous legal challenges, argues for broad presidential immunity in federal court.

The poll found that 46% of Republicans agree with the need for a strong president with reduced checks from judicial and legislative branches, while an equal percentage disagreed, revealing a split within the party. 

In contrast, only 25% of Democrats shared this view, with 64% opposing it. 

Trump’s legal team’s recent argument in court, suggesting that a president could only be prosecuted after impeachment and Senate conviction, even for extreme actions like commanding an assassination, underscores these divisive opinions.

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Nearly half of Trump supporters favor less presidential oversight

Among those who would vote for Trump in a hypothetical election, 47% agreed with the idea of a powerful president with less oversight, while only 23% of Biden supporters concurred. 

Trump faces accusations of using fraudulent means to overturn his 2020 election loss to Biden. 

He has consistently claimed innocence, denouncing the criminal cases against him as politically motivated “witch hunts.”

Legal challenges and impact on Trump’s campaign prospects

Trump’s ongoing legal issues pose a significant risk to his potential re-election. 

The poll indicates that 49% of independent voters would not support Trump if he were convicted, against 12% who would remain loyal. 

Even among Republicans, a conviction could sway opinions, with 28% saying they wouldn’t support him if convicted.

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Authoritarian tendencies and immigration policies

The poll also revealed strong Republican support for stringent immigration policies, echoing Trump’s campaign promises. 

Sixty-nine percent of Republican respondents supported arresting and detaining illegal immigrants in camps pending deportation hearings, a policy closely associated with Trump and advocated by his former aide Stephen Miller. 

Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller did not comment directly on the poll findings but reiterated campaign criticisms of Biden’s policies.

Poll’s implications for U.S. democracy and immigration stance

Matthew MacWilliams, a political scientist at Comms Hub, expressed concern about the impact of these findings on U.S. democratic institutions. 

Trump's civil fraud trial
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“It’s hard to have a democracy when that attitude is afoot,” MacWilliams noted, referring to the significant portion of Republicans favoring a powerful presidency with limited checks. 

The poll’s findings on immigration reflect a hardline stance that aligns with Trump’s campaign narratives.

Reuters/Ipsos poll gauges U.S. political sentiment in Trump’s legal landscape

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, conducted online from January 3-9, surveyed 4,677 U.S. adults. 

With a margin of error of about two percentage points, the poll offers insights into current political attitudes in the U.S., particularly among Republicans, as the country navigates complex legal and political landscapes involving former President Trump.

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