Maine proposes new bill to take children from parents who refuse ‘gender-affirming care’

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In a significant move, Maine is considering a bill, H.P. 1114, that could redefine child abuse in its state law. 

This legislation aims to make it illegal for parents to refuse their child gender-reassignment procedures, including puberty blockers and surgeries. 

Legal nuances and potential kidnapping immunity

The bill would grant courts emergency jurisdiction over children if they are denied access to gender-affirming healthcare or mental health care.

The bill outlines that if a child is taken from a parent and brought to Maine for gender-reassignment procedures, it wouldn’t be classified as kidnapping. 

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It also provides that if an adult brings a child to Maine from a state where such practices are illegal, Maine will not extradite the adult. 

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Concerns over potential kidnapping risks arise from transgender law

Critics, however, are concerned that this could lead to kidnapping and trafficking of transgender-identifying children. 

Amber Lavigne, a Maine mother, shared her experience, which might hint at the implications of this law. 

Lavigne sues school over daughter’s gender identity issue

Her 13-year-old daughter identified as male in 2019, and the school counselor provided her with a breast binder, leading to Lavigne’s lawsuit against the school. 

Lavigne fears under the new law, her actions could be considered child abuse. 

“If somebody calls CPS on me again, based on the [transgender] situation, I have no doubt in my mind that I’d be at risk for losing my child,” she stated.

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McBreairty highlights risks of gender reassignment procedures

Shawn McBreairty, a parental rights advocate in Maine, emphasized the health risks associated with gender-reassignment procedures and hormonal treatments, highlighting potential life-threatening complications. 

Maine Facilitates 'Trans Tourism' Through Bill Shielding Transporters of  Children Seeking Gender Transitions: Shawn McBreairty | NTD
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He expressed concerns that the bill could undermine parental rights and potentially enable the kidnapping of children for gender-reassignment procedures in Maine.

The bill has faced massive public backlash, leading Maine’s judiciary committee to delay its discussion.

McBreairty’s concerns over bill’s resurgence 

However, McBreairty worries that the bill might resurface and be pushed through once media attention wanes.

McBreairty has been actively involved in legal battles with Maine’s education system, winning a lawsuit against a school district for violating his rights. 

He received a $40,000 settlement and continues to oppose the gender-reassignment procedures, which he refers to as “chemical castration” and “absolute butchery.”

Families contemplate relocation due to Maine’s controversial bill

As Maine grapples with this controversial bill, families like Lavigne’s consider relocating out of the state, and advocates like McBreairty prepare for a prolonged fight. 

The bill’s fate hangs in the balance, with potential implications for the treatment of transgender minors and the definition of parental rights in Maine.

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